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Cosmoserve, by Judith Pintar (1991)
(5 ratings)

Shades of Gray, by Mark Baker, Steve Bauman, Belisana, Mike Laskey, Judith Pintar, Cindy Yans, and Hercules (1992)
(6 ratings)

A Bloody Life, by Ravi Rajkumar (1998)
(2 ratings)

Susan, a Lustful Game, by Bill Larkins (1988)
(2 ratings)

Son of Stagefright, by Mike McCauley (1989)
(1 rating)

Apprentice, by Bert Lee (1991)
(1 rating)

The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes
by Michael W. Bayley, David Malmberg, and Jim Vickonoff
(1 rating)

Ducksoup, by C. Evans (1993)
(1 rating)

Sanity Clause, by Mike McCauley (1991)
(1 rating)

The Multi-Dimensional Thief, by Joel Finch (1991)
(3 ratings)

Lost Property, by Edward McArdle (1994)
(2 ratings)

Paranoia, by Sam Shirley (1987)
(3 ratings)

The Battle of Philip against the Forces of Creation, by Peter Arnold and Anne Ungar (1989)
(1 rating)

The Caves of Dyanty, by Nathan Fritz (1992)
(1 rating)

Cliff Diver 2: Purchased Sight Unseen, by Patrick Farley (1992)
(1 rating)

Cliff Diver, Investigator for Hire: Crime to the Ninth Power, by Patrick Farley (1990)
(1 rating)

A Dudley Dilemma, by Lane Barrow (1988)
(1 rating)

The Escape from Prison Island, by Christian Andersen
(1 rating)

Helvera - Mistress of the Park
by Bob Adams
(1 rating)

Kithe #14
by Rowan Lipkovits (as Cthulu)
(1 rating)

Lost in Space: Dr. Smith Goes Home, by Graeme Cree (1993)
(1 rating)

Love's Fiery Imbroglio, by Timothy S. Campbell (as Natasha Mirage) (1988)
(1 rating)

Odieus's Quest for the Magic Flingshot, by Anonymous (1990)
(1 rating)

The Pyramids of Mars, by Patrick Wigfull
(1 rating)

Sir Ramic Hobbs and the High Level Gorilla, by Gil Williamson (1989)
(1 rating)

Void: Corporation, by Jonathan Lim (2000)
(4 ratings)

Zim Greenleaf's Laboratory, by Melody Grandy (1992)

The Adventures of Peter Patzer, Who Sought Masterhood and Returned Not Quite the Same
by John C. Knudsen
(1 rating)

The Darkest Road
by Clive Wilson
(1 rating)

Mad Cow Man and Deep Fried Beef Fat Boy, by Rowan Lipkovits (as Cthulu) (1997)
(1 rating)

Pork 1: The Great Underground Sewer System, by Anonymous (1988)
(1 rating)

Sir Arthur, by Lyn Strachan (1999)
(1 rating)

Sir Ramic Hobbs and the Oriental Walk, by Gil Williamson (1996)
(1 rating)

The Adventures of Alice who Went Through the Looking-Glass and Came Back Though Not Much Changed, by D. A. Asherman (1986)
(2 ratings)

E-Mailbox, by Jay Goemmer (1997)
(3 ratings)

New England Gothic, by Simba (1991)
(2 ratings)

Space Aliens Laughed at my Cardigan, by Andre M. Boyle (1992)
(2 ratings)

CERCLA, by J. P. Robinson (1993)
(1 rating)

Electrabot, by Woody Hunt (1992)
(1 rating)

Escape from the ELI, by Lowell Riethmuller (1992)
(1 rating)

Kill Justin, by William Mistretta (1996)
(1 rating)

The Lady in Green, by D. F. Stone (1992)
(1 rating)

Orientation to Van Pelt Library, by Richard Young (1990)
(1 rating)

The Search for Princess Alandria, by Jason Billard (1999)
(1 rating)

Weekend Survival, by Lowell Riethmuller (1990)
(1 rating)

Curse of Manorland
by James King
(2 ratings)

My First Stupid Game, by Dan McPherson (1996)
(2 ratings)

A Fable, by Stan Heller (1985)
(7 ratings)

Detective, by Matt Barringer (1993)
(15 ratings)

Around the World in Eighty Days, by Lloyd Holliday (1988)
(3 ratings)

The Incredible Erotic Adventures of Stiffy Makane, by Mark Ryan (1997)
(8 ratings)

'Twas a Time of Dread, by Clive Wilson (1991)

Adventures in NMR II, by Douglas P. Burum (1990)

Adventures in Sherwood, by Charles Williams (1991)

Andkara: Baby, the Rain Must Fall, by Randy H. Smith (1990)

Betty Carlson's Big Date, by Betty Carlson (1989)

The Books of Tarotia: Book 1 - Restoring the Cups, by Shaun Jensen and Kristin Pamperin (1994)

Castle of the Alchemists, by Anonymous (1991)

Crusade, by David Malmberg (1982)

The Deadly Labyrinth, by Frank West (1991)

Der Ring des Nibelungen, by Michael R. Harris (1988)

Destination: Earth, by Karl Bengtsson (1996)

The Detective, by Kit W. Carson (1992)

Disenchanted, by Joseph S. Licari (1990)

Dragons In Chocolate Land, by Eclipse (1998)

The Elf's Christmas Adventure, by Bruce MacKay and Marlene Abriel (1987)

Elfquest, by Chris Roddy (1994)

Escape from Tarabithia, by Jason Billard (1999)

Fast Lane, by R. Baribault (1989)

The Game of Recovery, by Daniel J. Pallotta (1993)

Ggollek 1: The Dissolution, by The Missing (1994)

Heather's Easter Egg Hunt, by Tom Reynolds and Ginnie Reynolds (1989)

Highe, by Bill Larkins (1988)

Hotel Notell, by R. Baribault (1991)

House 2 House, by Jason Billard and Keith Billard (1997)

The House of O's, by Wally O. and Pete D. (1989)

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!
by David Malmberg

In the Year 2366: Klingon Role Playing Game, by Robert Ferguson (1993)

Jack of Hartz, by Bev Truter (1999)

The Jeweled Arena, by David S. Raley (1993)

A Journey into Xanth, by Neil Sorenson (1992)

Jubilee Road, by D. Ellis (1993)

Klaustrophobia, by Carol Hovick (1994)

Library, by Frederick D. King (1991)

Lost Gold, by Ray Johnson (1992)

The Lost Stone Mansion, by Paul R. Merkley (1992)

Magic Mansion, by Denise Sawicki (1990)

The Misadventure of the Holy Grail, by Michael Detlefsen (1989)

Mold: Deep Space Awakening, by Declan Stanley (1990)

Mop and Murder, by Brad Friedman (1991)

Murder at the Folkestone Inn, by Anne Laughlin (1993)

The Murder of Jane Kranz, by Christian Andersen (1992)

Myopia, by Ravi Rajkumar (1999)

Oceana, by Philip Boswell (1993)

Oklib's Revenge, by Sue Medley (1992)

Pastoral Pitfalls, by Guy Marquardt (1996)

Personalized Adventure Game Sample, by L. R. Nogg

The Pilot, or, A Flight Into Fantasy, by A. G. Jackson (1989)

Pork 2: The Gizzard of Showbiz, by Bill Larkins (1989)

Pyramid, by Roland Goulsbra (1990)

The Pyramid of Muna, by Alfred W. King II (1989)

Quest for the Black Pearl, by Ralph W. Varble (1992)

Reruns Again, by Neil Sorenson (1992)

The Rift, by Michael A. Buonaccorsi (1993)

Secrets of the Gigantic!, by Sean M. Doane (1995)

Shape Shifter Adventure!, by Eric Colomb (1995)

Sir Guy Gallant and the Deadly Warning, by Eddie R. Wright (1993)

Space Mule, by Bruce David Loving (1993)

The Spatent Obstruction, by Chris Canavan (1992)

The Spelunker's Tremendous Cave Adventure, by Doug Harter (1992)

The Squynchia Adventure, by M. Frank and T. Frank (1991)

The Star Portal, by Michael Detlefsen (1988)

Still Laughing at my Cardigan, by Bev Truter (2000)

Storms I, by Ryan Burrus (1990)

Tamoret, by Michael J. Lyons (1988)

Tark Simmons, Priestess of the First Church, in her battle against the Demon of Dark Desire, by W. P. Kegelmeyer (1988)

The Tempest, by David R. Grigg (1992)

TimeSquared Chapter One: Centroplis, by Bert Lee (1992)

Toho Academy, by Simon Barber (1993)

The Tomb of the Ancient Pharaohs, by Anne T. Brenner (1991)

Two Ways, by Grant E. Metcalf (1990)

The Unborn One, by Clive Wilson (1991)

An Underground Adventure, by Mark J. Welch (1985)

What Personal Computer?, by John Minson (1990)

What? No Low-Alcohol Mineral Water?!, by Andre M. Boyle (1992)

Whatever We Decide To Call This Game, by Joel Finch, Glen Henville, and Matthew Newbery (1990)

Witchfinder, by Kanga and YAK (1996)

The Wizard's Castle, by Edward McArdle (1994)

The World's Hardest Adventure, by A. Fielding and David Malmberg (1993)

Wraith Blaster, by Ken Dibble (1992)

Zanfar, by YAK (1995)