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The Bare-Bones Jam

27 games
The Bare-Bones Jam Games Stripped to the Bone Have you ever wanted to create a game, but felt overwhelmed by the visual aspects? Or wished you didn't need to edit the UI? This jam is for you! The Bare-Bones Jam is a month-long game jam...

inkJam 2023

24 games; award date October 4, 2023
The inkJam is an annual community organized jam focused on storytelling and narrative games written in ink. When does it begin? The jam begins on Friday, October 20th, 9PM CEST. Who can enter? Everyone is more than welcome, either alone...

Concours Moiki #4

4 games; award date September 16, 2023
Ce concours Moiki consiste à écrire une mini fiction interactive - en français uniquement ! Thème et contraintes Pour cette quatrième édition le thème retenu est : Le calme avant la tempête Vous êtes libre d'interpréter cela comme bon...

Interactive Fiction Top 50 of All Time (2023 edition)

70 games; award date September 15, 2023
People were asked to send in a list of between 1 and 20 of their favourite IF games of all time (in no particular order). The number of points a game got was the number of lists on which it appeared. 59 participants cast a total of 880...

IntroComp 2023

7 games; award date September 11, 2023
IntroComp is an annual competition where participants develop excerpts of interactive fiction, gain feedback from audience reactions, and (hopefully!) use this feedback to release a fantastic final product.

Single Choice Jam

46 games

ParserComp 2023

16 games in 2 divisions; award date August 3, 2023
ParserComp is for previously unreleased, parser-based text games: games which take a free-text input, parse it, and produce an output which typically is more text. This is the 4th ParserComp. Hosted on This year, works are...

Text Adventure Literacy Jam 2023

9 games; award date July 1, 2023
This is the third annual Text Adventure Literacy Jam. The aim of the jam is to write a text adventure that is suitable for players with little or no prior experience of playing text adventures. The game must include an in-game tutorial....

Neo-Twiny Jam

123 games
Create a tiny Interactive Fiction piece in 500 words or less! This jam is a commemoration of Porpentine's Twiny Jam, where creators were limited to making twine games with less than 300 words. Constraints and Rules: You are limited to...

Nouvim 3000 - 2023 edition

3 games
La NOUVIM 3000, 5e édition ! 1. Quoi ? Pour quand ? Un mois pour réaliser une toute petite aventure textuelle de 501 à 3000 mots ! On cherche ici avant tout des aventures hypertextes à la Twine (mais pouvant être réalisées avec d'autres...

Arcjam 2023

1 game; award date May 29, 2023
Arcjam is a game design event where you use Arcweave to design and publish a short game in 72 hours. The term “game” is to be taken in the most general sense, meaning any kind of interactive experience, story, puzzle, graphic novel, et...

Spring Thing 2023

26 games in 2 divisions; award date May 16, 2023
Spring Thing, also known as the Autumnal Jumble, focuses on bringing together new text games of all kinds: choice-based stories, gamebooks, hypertext fictions, visual novels, text adventures, narrative roguelikes, and wild new...

La Sens Dessus Dessous

8 games
Créez une histoire interactive francophone à dominante textuelle ! (pouvant contenir quelques décorations visuelles ou sonores) Il peut s'agir : - d'une fiction interactive à analyseur syntaxique / parser (comme Zork, etc.) ; - d'une...

13th IF Grand Prix 2023

4 games; award date May 2, 2023
German language IF competition as announced on Nov 30, 2022 on if-de forum

PunyJam #3

9 games; award date March 13, 2023
This is a jam where you write a text adventure using PunyInform. THEME: The game must start in or at an airlock.

French Comp 2023

25 games in 5 divisions; award date March 2, 2023
The 16th Edition of the French Comp. That year, the themes were "Trahison" (treason) and "Archive".

SeedComp! - 2023

18 games in 10 divisions
SeedComp! is a 2-round interactive fiction game jam, focusing on creativity and the growth of ideas. Join our Discord! SeedComp! is separated into 2 distinct rounds: Planting and Sprouting. You can take part in either or both. The first...

The 2022 IFDB Awards

39 games in 52 divisions; award date February 18, 2023
The IFDB Awards is an annual competition designed to award excellence in creating interactive fiction. It is held from February 1st to the first weekend after February 15th each year on the Interactive Fiction Database, and take the form...

Partim 500 - 2022 edition

10 games
SERVEUR DISCORD FRANCOPHONE : This is primarily a French language interactive fiction jam. You may participate in a very poor French ;) or even in another language, but in this later case we won't garantee any...

2021 XYZZY Awards

24 games in 12 divisions; award date December 22, 2022
Best Technological Development:...
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