Spring Thing 2016

Spring Thing is an annual festival celebrating new text-based computer games of all kinds, by all kinds of people. Everyone is welcome!

This year, there are seventeen games, spread across two categories. Authors chose whether to submit games to the Main Festival, where they are eligible for ribbon nominations and the prize pool, or the Back Garden, which opts out of ribbons and prizes but has looser entry requirements (including allowing excerpts from unfinished or commercial games).

Tangaroa Deep was awarded the Audience Choice ribbon, and The Xylophoniad was awarded the Alumni Choice ribbon.

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Series: Spring Thing

Official Web site: http://www.springthing.net/2016/

Organizer(s): Aaron Reed profile

Award date: May 8, 2016

Qualification opening date: April 6, 2016

Qualification closing date: May 7, 2016


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Games and Awards

Main Festival

Main Festival games can be nominated for "ribbons," state fair style.

Co-Winner: Tangaroa Deep, by Astrid Dalmady
Co-Winner: The Xylophoniad, by Robin Johnson
Entrant: Evita Sempai, by Florencia Rumpel Rodriguez
Entrant: Harmonic Time-Bind Ritual Symphony, by Ben Kidwell and Maevele Straw
Entrant: Ms. Lojka or: In Despair to Will to Be Oneself, by Jordan Magnuson
Entrant: Rough Draft, by Erica Kleinman
Entrant: Shipwrecked, by Andrew G. Schneider
Entrant: Sisters of Claro Largo, by David T. Marchand
Entrant: Superhero Stress, by Michael Yadvish
Entrant: Three-Card Trick, by Chandler Groover

Back Garden

Back Garden games don't participate in voting and prizes, but have looser restrictions on entry.

Entrant: Dead Man's Hill, by Arno von Borries
Entrant: Dr. Sourpuss Is Not A Choice-Based Game, by P.B. Parjeter
Entrant: Famous Baby, by N.C. Kerklaan
Entrant: Foo Foo, by Buster Hudson
Entrant: Fourdiopolis, by Andrew Schultz
Entrant: Nocked! True Tales of Robin Hood, by Andrew G. Schneider
Entrant: Standoff, by Matthew R.F. Balousek

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