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Interactive Fiction by aaronius

Blue Lacuna, by Aaron A. Reed (2008)
(108 ratings)
You have always been different. One in a trillion have your gift, your curse: to move between worlds, never settling, always alone. To Wayfare. Yet there are others like you, and something stronger...

You Are Standing, by Aaron A. Reed (2023)
(13 ratings)
A bonus text game created specifically for the Ultimate Collector's Edition of 50 Years of Text Games; initially, available exclusively to backers on 3.5" floppy disc and/or as a download. The game...

18 Cadence, by Aaron A. Reed (2013)
(15 ratings)

18 Cadence is an iPad/PC storymaking platform that lets its readers explore the history of a house through the hundred years of the twentieth century. Moving through space and time, a reader...

Almost Goodbye, by Aaron A Reed (2012)
(19 ratings)

Almost Goodbye is an experiment in minimalist procedural content generation for interactive narratives. It does not try to generate a whole story or plot points from scratch, but instead asks what...

Whom The Telling Changed, by Aaron A. Reed (2005)
(64 ratings)
The people had always gathered on moonless nights to hear the stories, since the time of their ancestors' ancestors. The heat of the fire and the glow in the storyteller's eyes made the past...

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Game mechanics as story - 7 votes for 7 games; created April 7, 2010
In the best story-centered board games, the rules and system mechanics create or encourage the sorts of stories the game is supposed to...

Great quotes - 17 votes for 11 games; created November 5, 2009
Post your favorite sentences/excerpts from games in the comment field. Especially lovely if they are from deeper in the game than the...

Games with Impossible-to-film moments - 23 votes for 15 games; created November 5, 2009
I'm looking for games that demonstrate the power of text-based games. Games with sentences that would make developers of 3D games weep,...

Reviews by aaronius

1-2-3..., by Chris Mudd   April 7, 2010
"Released in the same IF Comp as the much better-known Rameses but nearly universally reviled, this overlooked experiment also casts you..." - See the full review

Love Is as Powerful as Death, Jealousy Is as Cruel as the Grave, by Conrad Cook (as Michael Whittington)   March 20, 2010
"The horror genre often uses its tropes to hide from the very real horrors in the world we live in. This game reminds us that horror can..." - See the full review