EctoComp 2014

Annual Halloween-themed SpeedIF

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Series: EctoComp

Organizer(s): DB profile

Award date: November 24, 2014

Qualification opening date: October 31, 2014

Qualification closing date: November 24, 2014

Games and Awards

Winner: Candlesmoke, by Caelyn Sandel and Carolyn VanEseltine
2nd Place: It Is Pitch Black, by Caelyn Sandel
3rd Place: Devil's Food, by Hanon Ondricek
4th Place: LISEY, by Marco Innocenti
5th Place: Wedding Day, by E. Joyce
6th Place: Lime Ergot, by Caleb Wilson (as Rust Blight)
7th Place: First Person, by Buster Hudson
8th Place: Candy Rush Saga, by Andrew Schultz
9th Place: Eclosion, by Buster Hudson
10th Place: The Voodoo You Do 2, by Marshal Tenner Winter
11th Place: A Fly On the Wall, by Nigel Jayne
12th Place: Choose Your Own SPOOKY Death, by Healy
13th Place: Another Cliched Adventure Game, by David Whyld
13th Place: City of the Living Dead, by Joshua Houk (as Tanah Atkinson)
14th Place: The Weird Mirror, by M.J. Antonellis
15th Place: Carriage Returns, by David Good
16th Place: Monster Maker, by Adri ("Erin Gigglecreek")
17th Place: halloween candy triage simulator, by j. marie
18th Place: IDSPISPOPD, by Christopher Brent

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