Interactive Fiction Top 50 of All Time (2015 edition)

People were asked to send in a list of between 1 and 20 of their favourite IF games of all time (in no particular order). The number of points a game got was the number of lists on which it appeared. 38 participants cast a total of 593 votes on 225 different games; only the 50 games with 4 or more points are listed below.

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Series: Interactive Fiction Top 50 of All Time

Organizer(s): Victor Gijsbers

Award date: March 18, 2015

Qualification opening date: January 27, 2015

Qualification closing date: March 15, 2015

Games and Awards

1st Place: Photopia, by Adam Cadre
2nd Place: Spider and Web, by Andrew Plotkin
3rd Place: Counterfeit Monkey, by Emily Short
4th Place: Anchorhead, by Michael Gentry
5th Place: Lost Pig, by Admiral Jota
6th Place: Coloratura, by Lynnea Glasser
7th Place: Slouching Towards Bedlam, by Star Foster and Daniel Ravipinto
7th Place: Varicella, by Adam Cadre
9th Place: De Baron, by Victor Gijsbers
9th Place: Shade, by Andrew Plotkin
11th Place: Blue Lacuna, by Aaron A. Reed
11th Place: Hadean Lands, by Andrew Plotkin
13th Place: 80 DAYS, by inkle, Meg Jayanth
13th Place: Babel, by Ian Finley
13th Place: Kerkerkruip, by Victor Gijsbers
13th Place: The King of Shreds and Patches, by Jimmy Maher
13th Place: Make It Good, by Jon Ingold
13th Place: Mentula Macanus: Apocolocyntosis, by One of the Bruces and Drunken Bastard
13th Place: A Mind Forever Voyaging, by Steve Meretzky
13th Place: Savoir-Faire, by Emily Short
13th Place: their angelical understanding, by Porpentine
13th Place: Violet, by Jeremy Freese
23rd Place: Bee, by Emily Short
23rd Place: City of Secrets, by Emily Short
23rd Place: Endless, Nameless, by Adam Cadre
23rd Place: Horse Master, by Tom McHenry
23rd Place: Jigsaw, by Graham Nelson
23rd Place: Metamorphoses, by Emily Short
23rd Place: Shrapnel, by Adam Cadre
23rd Place: Wishbringer, by Brian Moriarty
23rd Place: Worlds Apart, by Suzanne Britton
32nd Place: Fail-Safe, by Jon Ingold
32nd Place: For a Change, by Dan Schmidt
32nd Place: Gun Mute, by C.E.J. Pacian
32nd Place: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams and Steve Meretzky
32nd Place: Rameses, by Stephen Bond
32nd Place: Treasures of a Slaver's Kingdom, by S. John Ross
32nd Place: Trinity, by Brian Moriarty
32nd Place: ULTRA BUSINESS TYCOON III, by Porpentine
32nd Place: With Those We Love Alive, by Porpentine and Brenda Neotenomie
41st Place: Ad Verbum, by Nick Montfort
41st Place: Aisle, by Sam Barlow
41st Place: All Things Devours, by half sick of shadows
41st Place: Creatures Such As We, by Lynnea Glasser
41st Place: Curses, by Graham Nelson
41st Place: Galatea, by Emily Short
41st Place: howling dogs, by Porpentine
41st Place: Rover's Day Out, by Jack Welch and Ben Collins-Sussman
41st Place: Walker & Silhouette, by C.E.J. Pacian
41st Place: Zork I, by Marc Blank and Dave Lebling

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