The Statue Got Me High

by Ryan Veeder profile

Episode 6 of Apollo 18 Tribute Album

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- Zape, July 3, 2020

- Denk, May 2, 2019

- Nate Edwards (Raleigh, NC), July 20, 2018

- Ivanr, June 6, 2017

- Kaesa, March 3, 2017

- hoopla, October 9, 2016

- E. W. B., February 23, 2016

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Clever surrealism based on Don Giovanni and They Might Be Giants, February 4, 2016

This game is short and absurd. It appears at first to be a difficult logic puzzle, where you have to decide who sits where at dinner. It then becomes increasingly absurd.

This is from the Apollo 18 Tribute Album, which apparently was a collection of games which were based on the lyrics of songs on the so-named album by They Might Be Giants, and which included other great games like Dinner Bell.

All in all, it's just a fun descent into madness. No drugs involved, as far as I can see.

- CMG (NYC), January 9, 2016

- Sobol (Russia), June 23, 2015

- Caleb Wilson (Illinois), May 24, 2014

- Molly (USA), March 4, 2014

- francisthe3rd (Horseheads, NY), January 23, 2014

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Enjoyable with no prior knowledge, December 1, 2013
by streever (America)

I am clueless concerning both They Might Be Giants and the opera this is apparently an adaptation of; despite my glaring faults, flaws, and ignorance, I enjoyed this game.

The writing is good. The story is interesting and absurd, in the way that Veeder typically writes, but with a sense of a deeper and more meaningful theme.

The actual mechanics are relatively simple. Although I had a paper and pen out, making notes, it turns out I didn't need any of them at all.

I played several of the Apollo games, and found this to be my favorite of the ones I played. A strong effort around a good story with a minimum of puzzles, this was a successful narrative.

- Emily Short, June 16, 2013

- Wade Clarke (Sydney, Australia), April 22, 2013

- Edward Lacey (Oxford, England), April 16, 2013

- Mr. Patient (Saint Paul, Minn.), March 30, 2013

- Galena, February 19, 2013

- E.K., February 18, 2013

- Nusco (Bologna, Italy), October 3, 2012

- Danielle (The Wild West), June 9, 2012

- perching path (near Philadelphia, PA, US), May 24, 2012

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Obscure plot, annoying puzzle, May 4, 2012
by Ray

I suppose the game's driving idea is to make opaque references to some music band I neither know nor like. There is not enough context provided inside to understand what it is all about - it drops you into some dinner preparation scene pretty much without any explanation of who you or the other mentioned characters are. Even the introductory text is difficult to understand and doesn't connect to the initial scene, which is probably meant to make the player curious but instead just seems annoying. Early in the game it becomes apparent that there isn't going to be much story, but rather some bothersome puzzles to solve - which is where I quit.

- The Xenographer, April 18, 2012

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