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Interactive Fiction by Galena

Hill of Souls, by Angela Shah (2013)
(11 ratings)
A Halloween conjuring.

Crater Creek, 2113, by Angela Shah (2013)
(8 ratings)

Trick-or-treat in the postapocalyptic world. Bug: must light candles twice, or after he's already out.

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A dark place of mind (Bilingual English-German), by Giggling_Kiste   October 5, 2013
"The game is extremely short, with no real choices, and repeats incessantly-- much like being trapped in a nightmare. The English is..." - See the full review

Investigation at Helson Manor, by Jackson315   May 31, 2013
"The front door does not appear to exist. This may be the great mystery of the manor. The stick-figure writing paints on a few other..." - See the full review

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Boogle, by Buster Hudson
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Our Boys in Uniform, by Megan Stevens
Hallowmoor, by Mike Snyder

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The Act of Misdirection, by Callico Harrison
Afflicted, by Doug Egan
The House on the Cliff, by Emily Short, Richard Evans, Linden Lab
The Wedding, by Neil James Brown
Solarium, by Anya Johanna DeNiro

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