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- Edo, August 14, 2021

- hoopla, June 9, 2021

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I loved this game, March 12, 2021

I love this game so much that I decided to make an account just so I could review it

- Wynter (London, UK), December 5, 2020

- Rainbow Fire , September 1, 2020

- Felix Pleșoianu (Bucharest, Romania), May 25, 2020

- CMG (NYC), September 29, 2016

- Sobol (Russia), September 17, 2016

- Robin Johnson (Edinburgh, Scotland), March 9, 2016

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A memorable mid-length fairy-tale game with sparse implementation, February 3, 2016

Moon-shaped is one of those odd games that is a little bit lacking in most categories but somehow pulls together to be more enjoyable than many more polished games. It has that elusive quality that makes you remember it and want to play it again.

Moon-shaped begins as a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, and branches out from there. Puzzles are enjoyable, with a nice flashback system. But the game is somewhat sparse. The world feels empty, with short descriptions.

Perhaps I enjoy this game most because of the great storytelling in the flashbacks. The multiple endings involving big moral choices are also good.

I recommend this game to everyone.

- Mr. Patient (Saint Paul, Minn.), January 16, 2016

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Retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, December 6, 2015
by verityvirtue (London)

In this retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. You are Rosalind, the girl with the red cape, tasked to deliver food to your grandmother, who has been ill of late.

All is really not as it seems, though, and this is no walk in the, well, woods. What I liked about this were the refreshing twists on the story we’re so used to. The idea behind the game was creative enough, and, after playing, still remains ingenious. The story is mostly linear, though it contains several alternative endings, all determined by the endgame.

However, several things detracted from enjoyment of the game. There are alarmingly long stretches of text in the form of ‘visions’, which seems, above all, to be a rather lame attempt to force a lot of backstory into a few actions. This, unfortunately, occurred several times, especially toward the end of the story. Part of the moral of the story feels very heavily laid on in the beginning of the game, to the effect that it sounded very artificial. Yet nothing was said about this moral in the endgame.

The game also felt slightly glitchy at times. Some descriptions did not change even after performing actions which should have changed the object; some actions must be performed at specific locations to be able to progress with the game. The game could have been more robust if it were more flexible for the player, but this is really a small matter.

Don’t get me wrong: Moon-shaped is enjoyable in parts and does have an interesting story, but it was let down by the textwalls of backstory.

- Joshua Houk, October 18, 2014

- Relle Veyér, March 2, 2012

- E.K., February 15, 2012

- MonochromeMolly, November 11, 2011

- MKrone (Harsleben), May 1, 2011

- Patrick M. McCormick (United States), May 6, 2010

- Grey (Italy), December 25, 2009

- Jerome C West (United Kingdom), March 18, 2009

- Ben, February 10, 2009

- DJ (Olalla, Washington), January 9, 2009

- Katt (Michigan), January 3, 2009

- Linnau (Tel-Aviv, Israel), October 31, 2008

- Matt Kimmel (Cambridge, MA), August 30, 2008

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