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Interactive Fiction by Grey

Critical Breach, by Grey (2010)
(9 ratings)
A science fiction/horror game, set in an underground laboratory. Something is breaking free... This is my first game, it should be pretty short and easy.

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Condemned, by Mark Jones   January 6, 2010
"No, it's not. But it tries very hard to be it. The genre is similar, a dramatic, plot-driven gameplay, several flashbacks putting the..." - See the full review

Common Ground, by Stephen Granade   December 31, 2009
"The idea is very interesting, showing the same story from multiple points of view. In this case it is a simple slice of life of a..." - See the full review

Unscientific Fiction, by Tom Tervoort   December 30, 2009
"First the best thing: the writing is brilliant, funny, and full of modern pop references (bordering on copyright infringement). You get..." - See the full review

Möbius, by J.D. Clemens   December 29, 2009
"Don't be mistaken by the plot-driven intro. This is actually a one-room, one-puzzle game. The actual puzzle is quite original and well..." - See the full review

Polendina, by Christopher Lewis   December 27, 2009
"Apart from the classic amnesia at the start, the plot is quite original, based on the dark sci-fi version of a certain fairy tale..." - See the full review

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CYBERQUEEN, by Porpentine
L'Armando, by Andrea Rezzonico
The Nemean Lion, by Anonymous
Critical Breach, by Grey
Distress, by Mike Snyder

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Pascal's Wager, by Doug Egan
The PK Girl, by Robert Goodwin, Helen Trevillion, Nanami Nekono, and Oya-G
Interface, by Ben Vegiard
Resonance, by Matt Scarpino
The Duel That Spanned the Ages, by Oliver Ullmann

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