Dialogue Jam 2024

The Dialogue Jam is a month-long unranked jam all about communication between characters. Whether through verbal dialogue or written correspondence, this jam aims to bring discussions forward.

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Official Web site: https://itch.io/jam/dialogue-jam-24

Organizer(s): manonamora profile, Lapin Lunaire Games profile, Sophia de Augustine profile, Autumn Chen profile

Qualification opening date: April 1, 2024

Qualification closing date: May 1, 2024

Games and Awards

Entrant: Who Stole My Sausages?, by estif, interstitial, CliffRaven, mackhep07
Entrant: I don't want to talk about it., by Nick Gelling
Entrant: How Do You Like Your Pain?, by catsket
Entrant: Marooned, by DigNZ
Entrant: Come back soon, Oddie, by helen
Entrant: The Impossible Conversation, by justsharyn
Entrant: An Exercise in Emotional Honesty, by pixeldotgamer
Entrant: A Winter Away, by roman_hyacinths
Entrant: Off the Podium — One Last Lap, by Kaiser Vox
Disqualified: Printjob, by aliason
Entrant: Him (and Us), by alyshkalia
Entrant: A Woman's Duty, by psiquedelicous
Entrant: Just A Simple Interview, by Skal Ton
Entrant: The Croaking, by Lakeshore Drive Games
Entrant: Circle Back, by czCastor
Entrant: Syzygy, by HobbyLevelWorkingMother
Entrant: pacodnd.exe, by Zenith
Entrant: Who are you talking to?, by Corrocerous
Entrant: Do you think we're soulmates in every universe?, by goldenarc
Entrant: Pear Party, by floodpoolform
Entrant: BEER, by Max Fog
Entrant: I Knew A Guy, by MelArtwoeger
Entrant: Roman Holiday, by XQuandale Dingle
Entrant: Imago, by Shinø's Brainworks
Entrant: The Disappearance of Kevin from Finance, by yveseas
Entrant: beach, by henry schlintz
Entrant: Tell Me About Yourself, by Freakish Games
Entrant: Tresmir Sight, by Tom
Entrant: Extended Sabbatical, by sitara
Entrant: Andy & Rob Vs. A Brave New World, by Andy&RobPresents!
Entrant: ConversationalRumblings, by IllestPreacha
Entrant: Phantom Protocol, by naiee64
Entrant: Chatterbox, by IchorOfRuin

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