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fan of the gothic! everything i've ever made is here:

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Interactive Fiction by Sophia de Augustine

how do i love you?, by Sophia de Augustine (2023)
(7 ratings)
A fictionalized†account of how things might've happened between lovers sick to the teeth of one another. Made for the Anti-Romance Jam, 2023.

WHOM I SHOULD LOVE ABOVE ALL THINGS, by Sophia de Augustine (2023)
(7 ratings)
A priest is confronted with the sudden return of his former lover. My God, I am sorry for my sins with all my heart, and I detest them. In choosing to do wrong and failing to do good, I have sinned...

Sweetpea, by Sophia de Augustine (2022)
(14 ratings)
Someone claiming to be your father is trying to break in. Following the eponymous Sweetpea is: a mosaic faced guardian angel, something wearing her fatherís guise, and the detritus of life in their...

VESPERTINE, by Sophia de Augustine (2022)
(5 ratings)
A fangame for the greatest mafia movie that never existed,†Goncharov†(1973). Or- a closer look at Andrey and Goncharov's tumultuous, doomed romance and the little black book he's never seen...

my heart, my heart, by Sophia de Augustine (2024)
(4 ratings)
In another lifetime, Andrey and Nikolai heed the St. Marie's call- settling down in Chalk, raising their infant daughter. Far from the imperial court's intrigue: love blooms, strawberry sweet. For...

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