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Call me Jinx. Writer of stories, player of games, and probably not a vampire despite my love of the Gothic, late night theatrics, and velvet. Having fun on this IF adventure - my projects live on itch ( and I post progress updates and general musings over on tumblr (

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Interactive Fiction by Lapin Lunaire Games

Quintessence, by Lapin Lunaire Games (2022)
(6 ratings)
Galina has always been Good. How could she not be? Beloved daughter of the town blacksmith, sweetheart of the farmer's most charming son, and envy of her peers—Galina's life is as close to ideal as...

Rougi, by Lapin Lunaire Games (2022)
(2 ratings)
The Palais Garnier, home to the renowned Paris Opéra Ballet, is set to premiere Les Souliers Rouges, a ballet whose very name is rumored to carry a formidable curse. As the premiere draws ever...

Elsinore: After Hamlet, by Lapin Lunaire Games (2021)
(1 rating)
Story The year is 2021—or maybe 1602? Hamlet the Younger has just tragically died and Fortinbras the Younger, King of Norway and newly-conquered Denmark, has a lot of cleaning up to do. Elsinore:...

Goncharov: Coda, by Lapin Lunaire Games (2022)
(1 rating)
Best played in fullscreen (click the button at the bottom right of the game frame or press F11) Goncharov (1973) stole your heart the very first time you saw it — and now you're living the dream,...

Leda and the Swan, by Lapin Lunaire Games (2022)
"Leda and the Swan" is a kinetic prose poem whose heartbeat echoes the Greek myth. It is intended for a mature audience and contains discussion of sexual assault, pregnancy/childbirth, and mild...

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