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Andy & Rob Vs. A Brave New World

by Andy&RobPresents!

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About the Story

Andy & Rob Presents!: "A Brave New World" is the first Digital Comicbook Roleplaying Game (DCRPG, sometimes called a "Visual Novel", "VN", or "GameBook") produced for the "Millennial Heroes" Universe of books, games, podcasts, and more. This DCRPG is a branching-narrative, "choose-your-own-adventure"-style digital comicbook/graphic novel with roleplaying elements (choice & attribute check-driven), beautiful illustrations, lite animation, music, visual effects, sound effects... and so much more! It features a completely original story, artwork and music by a Super Friends-Level-Impressive collection of talent. It's basically the perfect storytelling medium, the next evolution of "novels" as a concept, and we're pleased to present our first in the MHU to you!
If you're new to the Millennial Heroes Universe, then welcome! Principally, it's about two stoner buddies and the adventures they find themselves on (both mundane and otherwise!) as they desperately try to get by and navigate a manual-less world that actively and passively tries to kill them. 
Ours is also first and foremost a satirical, loving look at the nostalgia (especially the 80's and 90's) that so many of our number turn to for escape. It's a semi-inspirational, comedic "Cheech & Chong/Tenacious D/Harold & Kumar homage Meets Archie Comics" romp about the intersection of 4/20 and pop culture with a hint of that classic "Sam & Max" flavoring, getting (and staying!) high, building friendship and community with your neighbors and loved ones, learning to rely and lean on them, finding hope in those connections when things are at their worst, seeing the best in things even when there doesn't seem to be a lot of reason to, and having kickass adventures with your buddies! 
My name's Bobby O., and I hope you like our story.

Instruction on How to Play:
CHARACTER CREATION You'll enter the name you want to use. Please remember, from that point on, the game will refer to by literally whatever you enter exactly how you enter it.Enter your attributes. You have 20 points to spend (initially) across three attributes, the qualities of which we explain in-game. These attributes will be checked in "Attribute Checks" throughout the game. Not having the correct amount of points in a given attribute during one of these checks may result in a "bad ending".WHAT DO THE BUTTONS DO?
Keyboard:Enter - Advances the storyEscape - Accesses the Game MenuPage Up - Moves the story backwardPage Down - Moves the story forward *NOTE*: You cannot move further than the current point in the story this way, that can only be done with the ENTER button or LMB.Arrows - Toggle through the onscreen interface (choices, etc) *NOTE*: This is a bit wonky. It works, but you may have to play around with it a bit, it's not intuitive.SHIFT+A - Accesses the Accessibility MenuMouse
Left Mouse Button - Advances the storyRight Mouse Button - Accesses the Game MenuMouse Wheel Up - Moves the story backwardMouse Wheel Down - Moves the story forward (same caveat)
Subject Matter Warning:
This an adult product, meant only for the 18+ crowd. It references some fairly light adult situations for comedic effect, among other things (see below).  
This work frequently references and implies the use of marijuana. There is one reference to a fantasy drug as well. Marijuana and 4/20 culture are a big part of the subject matter in the story. There is a minigame where the reader is encouraged to use as well to play along. This is optional and has no effect on gameplay or outcome. If the use or aggrandizement of marijuana bothers or offends you, or you feel you will not be able to view it in a humorous, intentionally ridiculous way, you should not proceed reading this DCRPG. Additionally, you should only play the minigame if the use of marijuana is safe and legal where you are, we're not encouraging you to break the law. If you DO choose to play along and are following all applicable laws, please enjoy responsibly.
Additionally, if even the implied use of marijuana or reference to it is illegal where you live, you should not proceed at all.
While there is no violence depicted, there is one scene that is difficult to get to but exists if you fail one of the checks that implies it fairly graphically (cartoon blood, etc). There are also references to violence, usually comedic or ridiculous in nature. If you feel these elements will bother or offend you, you should not proceed.
There is no sex or nudity in the work, implied or depicted. There are some very light references to it throughout. If you feel this will offend or bother you, you should not proceed. 
There is one scene that has a strobing light effect along with a shaking movement. This may trigger seizures in some people that are prone to them. I have marked the scene just before it with a tag, "FLE", in red. When you see this, this will serve as your que to click the "left" mouse button twice to jump past it.

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Entrant - Dialogue Jam 2024


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