28th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition (2022)

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Series: Annual Interactive Fiction Competition

Official Web site: https://ifcomp.org/comp/2022

Organizer(s): Jacqueline Ashwell profile

Award date: November 19, 2022

Qualification opening date: July 1, 2022

Qualification closing date: September 28, 2022

Games and Awards

1st Place: The Grown-Up Detective Agency, by Brendan Patrick Hennessy
2nd Place: The Absence of Miriam Lane, by Abigail Corfman
3rd Place: A Long Way to the Nearest Star, by SV Linwood
4th Place: The Archivist and the Revolution, by Autumn Chen
5th Place: Trouble in Sector 471, by Arthur DiBianca
6th Place: According to Cain, by Jim Nelson
7th Place: January, by litrouke
8th Place: The Only Possible Prom Dress, by Jim Aikin
9th Place: The Princess of Vestria, by K Paulo
10th Place: Prism, by Eliot M.B. Howard
11th Place: A Chinese Room, by Milo van Mesdag
12th Place: Blood Island, by Billy Krolick
13th Place: The Thirty Nine Steps, by Graham Walmsley
14th Place: A Walk Around the Neighborhood, by Leo Weinreb
15th Place: Arborea, by richard develyn
16th Place: Use Your Psychic Powers at Applebee's, by Geoffrey Golden
17th Place - tie: Esther's, by Brad Buchanan and Alleson Buchanan
17th Place - tie: Under the Bridge, by Samantha Khan
19th Place: The Alchemist, by Jim MacBrayne (as Older Timer)
20th Place: Admiration Point, by Rachel Helps
21st Place: CHASE THE SUN, by Frankie Kavakich
22nd Place - tie: [IFComp 22 - Beta] Cannelé & Nomnom - Defective Agency, by Younès R. & Yazaleea
22nd Place - tie: Crash, by Phil Riley
22nd Place - tie: Lazy Wizard's Guide, by Lenard Gunda
25th Place: Into The Sun, by Dark Star
26th Place: No One Else Is Doing This, by Lauren O'Donoghue
27th Place: Nose Bleed, by Stanley W. Baxton
28th Place - tie: Let Them Eat Cake, by Alicia Morote
28th Place - tie: Lost Coastlines, by William Dooling
30th Place: One Way Ticket, by Vitalii Blinov
31st Place: The Counsel in The Cave, by Josh
32nd Place - tie: Elvish for Goodbye, by David Gürçay-Morris
32nd Place - tie: Lucid, by Caliban's Revenge
34th Place: A Matter of Heist Urgency, by FLACRabbit
35th Place: Who Shot Gum E. Bear?, by Damon L. Wakes
36th Place: You Feel Like You've Read this in a Book, by Austin Lim
37th Place: The Thick Table Tavern, by manonamora
38th Place: You May Not Escape!, by Charm Cochran
39th Place - tie: Graveyard Strolls, by Adina Brodkin
39th Place - tie: Thanatophobia, by Robert Goodwin
41st Place: Low-Key Learny Jokey Journey, by Andrew Schultz
42nd Place: Inside, by Ira Vlasenko
43rd Place: The Last Christmas Present, by JG Heithcock
44th Place: U.S. Route 160, by Sangita V Nuli
45th Place: Campus Invaders, by Marco Vallarino
46th Place: Witchfinders, by Tania Dreams
47th Place: i wish you were dead., by Sofía Abarca
48th Place: INK, by Sangita V Nuli
49th Place: Approaching Horde!, by CRAIG RUDDELL
50th Place: To Persist/Exist/Endure, Press 1, by Anthony O
51st Place: The Tin Mug, by Alice E. Wells, Sia See and Jkj Yuio
52nd Place: Zero Chance of Recovery, by Andrew Schultz
53rd Place: Glimmer, by Katie Benson
54th Place: One Final Pitbull Song (at the End of the World), by Paige Morgan
55th Place: Am I My Brother's Keeper?, by Nadine Rodriguez
56th Place: The Lottery Ticket, by Anonymous
57th Place: Hanging by threads, by Carlos Pamies
58th Place: The Pool, by Jacob Reux
59th Place: Death by Lightning, by Chase Capener
60th Place: The Hidden King's Tomb, by Joshua Fratis
61st Place: The Staycation, by Maggie H
62nd Place: Through the Forest with the Beast, by Star
63rd Place: An Alien's Mistaken Impressions of Humanity's Pockets, by Andrew Howe
64th Place: Lost at the market, by Nynym
65th Place: HOURS, by aidanvoidout
66th Place: Headlights, by Jordan White and Eric Zinda
67th Place: Jungle adventure, by Paul Barter
68th Place: Tower of Plargh, by caranmegil
69th Place: 4 Edith + 2 Niki, by fishandbeer
70th Place: Traveller's Log, by Null Sandez
Withdrawn: Star Tripper, by Sam Ursu

Miss Congeniality

The entries ranked highest by the entrants themselves.

1st Place: According to Cain, by Jim Nelson
2nd Place: The Absence of Miriam Lane, by Abigail Corfman
3rd Place: The Grown-Up Detective Agency, by Brendan Patrick Hennessy

Rising Star Award

The highest-rated game by a first-time entrant.

Winner: A Long Way to the Nearest Star, by SV Linwood

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