ECTOCOMP is an annual competition for interactive fiction written for the SPOOKY MONTH OF HALLOWEENTOBER. Whether you celebrate Halloween, Day of the Dead, All Saint's Eve, or just love ghost stories and creeping people out, this is your time to shine!

This competition is for games done in English and Spanish.

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Series: EctoComp

Official Web site:

Organizer(s): Ruber Eaglenest

Award date: November 26, 2021

Qualification opening date: October 1, 2021

Qualification closing date: October 30, 2021

Games and Awards

La Petite Mort - English

For those who want to speed-write their game in 4 hrs or less

Winner: All the Colors of the Rainbow, by Milo van Mesdag
2nd Place: LIDO, by Elizabeth Smyth
3rd Place: The Fishing Cat, by Travis Moy
4th Place: Haunted Mustache Pizza Delivery, by Joey Acrimonious
5th Place: A Ghost Story, by Nils Fagerburg
6th Place: This Person Is Not My Father, by N. Cormier
7th Place: The River of Blood, by Dee Cooke
8th Place: Return to Castle Veederstone ...for the first time ...for the last time, by Stewart C Baker
9th Place: Your Death, in two acts, by Amanda Walker
10th Place: My Flat, by ZipLockBagMan
11th Place: Weary Eerie Way, by Andrew Schultz
12th Place: Deep in the Spooky Scary Woods, by Healy
13th Place: Psyops, Yo, by Andrew Schultz
14th Place: Sommelier Nuit, by GusFuss
15th Place: Fat Ass, by Naomi Norbez (call me Bez)

Le Grand Guignol - English

Le Grand Guignol, for games that, for whatever reason, took longer than 4 hrs to write

Winner: Even Some More Tales from Castle Balderstone, by Ryan Veeder
2nd Place: The Lookout, by Paul Michael Winters
3rd Place: Crumbs 3: The Last Crumb, by Katie Benson
4th Place: The Crew, by Olaf Nowacki
5th Place: Three Rogues Fight Death, by Solvig Choi
6th Place: The Fable of the Kabu, by Jorge García Colmenar
7th Place: Jack, by Arlan Wetherminster
8th Place: The Deer Trail, by Dark Forest Media

La Petite Mort - Spanish

Para aquellos que quieren escribir un juego de forma muy muy rápida, en 4 horas o menos

Winner: Por las calles de Madrid, by Clara Cordero

Le Grand Guignol - Spanish

Para juegos, que por cualquier motivo, han sido escritos en más de 4 horas

Winner: La casa del caballero, by edlobez
2nd Place: Tránsito, by n-n
3rd Place: Visita de Año Nuevo con jizo, by Mariela 'Scullywen' and Ruber Eaglenest
4th Place: Entre líneas de fuego, by paravaariar
5th Place: Leyendas del Castillo, by Mery
6th Place: The Fable of the Kabu, by Jorge García Colmenar
7th Place: Museo de curiosidades, by Clara Cordero
8th Place: Fiesta Mortal, by ivsaez
9th Place: La dulce compañía, by DareDoge
10th Place: Intruso, by forta
11th Place: Historias de la familia Ferrosa, by Cobra626

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