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The Fable of the Kabu

by Jorge García Colmenar

Part of Part of the Oniria World metaverse

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3 reviews

About the Story

The Fable of Kabu is a game made entirely on a mobile phone (specifically, a Realme 7i with Android 11).

Made in Môsi and based in the Oniria World universe.

Use the arrows to move.

- This is not a puzzle game, is an interactive narration.
- Different forms of completing the history exists, and all are fine.
- Is a game without objectives, enjoy the history.
- The fastest game is less than 5 minutes, and the completest one is like 10-20 minutes.
- There is an easter egg and 3 finals (3 final texts).

NOTE from the author: Language bug fixed
I have fixed the texts appearing untranslated in a a couple of places:
- The emplty magical spring
- The cavernous oil
Please let me know if you find something more. I searched everywhere and I thnik is 100% english now.

Game Details


6th Place, Le Grand Guignol - English; 6th Place, Le Grand Guignol - Spanish - ECTOCOMP 2021

1st Place - Spooky Sokpop Community Jam


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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
Dreaming in color -- well, only 2 at a time, November 10, 2021
by Andrew Schultz (Chicago)
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From the screenshots, FoK seemed like this was one of those RPGs you could just lawnmower through. Which was a change of pace. And indeed, lawnmowering through gets you to an ending quickly enough. You start as an egg, and you become more fully developed into a Kabu (nightmare creature,) you learn (or think you learn) about your world. But there isn't anything like stats or inventory or combat. You simply have a few screens--some with areas you can't get to right away--and NPCs to interact with. There's a mole, and there's a child killing ants, and there are even other Kabu, who don't seem to like you.

And with all this is a small story with several different possibilities. You can go full nightmare, where you wind up killing an entire city in a surprisingly quiet manner, or you can try to learn what is happening and why you are who you are. I wasn't able to get a happy ending, though I think there must be one. I also originally assumed you couldn't get to a small spring. So I had a story in my mind about how your life is really depressing and there is no way out, until I managed to make my way to the spring. Life still wasn't perfect for the poor Kabu.

And perhaps the game isn't. You interact with NPCs by running into them, and I killed a few without meaning to, before I'd officially turned bloodthirsty. So this left me confused. But it's hardly fatal, and I didn't mind translating the Spanish text that crept in the game either.

It's neat that something like this could exist. Even if I'm not 100% sure what to make of it, or if my ideas are even reasonable, it'll stay with me. It's all a bit vague, but it's supposed to be, being a fable and all. Small things like how you hatch or discovering your mother or the color change as the story progresses work for a memorable experience, and the one-bit graphics work well, too. I even enjoyed the trial and error to see what I could walk over, as it was mostly intuitive, and often when I couldn't run through something, I was able to figure what it was. I'd always had vague ideas of blending a top-down RPG-style game with text, and it's neat to see how doable it can be, and that it's done pretty well. And I hope it's done again.

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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
I don't paint dreams or nightmares, I paint my own reality, November 3, 2021
by jakomo
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A 1-bit styled super-low-res graphical adventure buit with Môsi and set in "Oniria World - the world of dreams", a popular shared setting used by many Spanish language indie gamedevs. Move your sprite, a newly born "nightmare", around 2D tile-based graphic screens, bumping into interesting objects/NPCs to get some descriptive text that may or may not progress the (somewhat opaque) story. Appropriately for a "world of dreams", logic is not a priority: events often feel arbitrary and the pseudo-philosophical musings are difficult to untangle (especially when they occasionally remain untranslated from Spanish). I saw two of the three endings, neither of them the optimum one, which would presumably require not becoming a killer - something surprisingly difficult to avoid! Perhaps that's the point - the sheer difficulty of living a life that does not harm others, both in the world of dreams and our own.

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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
A short graphical game with text narrative about a baby nightmare, November 14, 2021
by MathBrush
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This game is written in Mosi, which apparently is like Bitsy but for mobile. Both platforms are used to do basic pixel art and to have little 'interaction spots' that bring up text and change the environment somewhat.

This game has you wandering around as an egg in the world of nightmares, eventually encountering others of your kind and humans. I explored a lot but saw some parts I couldn't reach. One part of the game was still in spanish, but the rest was translated well.

There was some freedom as to what to do, but overall the game left me wondering a lot about the main character and didn't really fill in very much, so I didn't feel a strong emotional connection to the game, nor did I find it very descriptive or have a strong desire to replay.

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