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77 Verbs, by MathBrush (as Prismatik)
Average member rating: (19 ratings)

Use every standard verb in the Inform library to escape deadly situations in this introduction to parser games! (This game was formerly known as 85 verbs.)

Aisle, by Sam Barlow
Average member rating: (296 ratings)

"Late Thursday night. You've had a hard day and the last thing you need is this: shopping. Luckily, the place is pretty empty and you're progressing rapidly. On to the next aisle... Aisle started out as a...

Baggage, by Katherine Farmar
Average member rating: (10 ratings)

An exploration of stuckness, change, and the things we canít let go

A Blank Page, by Edu SŠnchez
Average member rating: (7 ratings)

A short story about creative block and the impostor syndrome

Color the Truth, by mathbrush
Zed's rating:
Average member rating: (58 ratings)

Rosalita Morales is dead, and you have to figure out who did it. The four people closest to her had the motive and the means: her partner, her secretary, her ex-husband, and her sister. Re-live their...

Daddy's Birthday, by Jonathan8
Average member rating: (8 ratings)

It all started with a walkthrough of an imaginary game that 8-year-old Ruth typed for Daddy's birthday... then Daddy converted it into a real game, with Ruth's help. It is possible to play it exactly as in...

A Day for Fresh Sushi, by Emily Short
Average member rating: (92 ratings)

No time for fantasy. Must feed fish.

Degeneracy, by Leonard Richardson
Average member rating: (16 ratings)

The glitterings of Gold, Jewels, Tapestries, &c. belie the Corruption of he who 'til recently occupied this high Seat. A white Carpet, once flanked by Sycophants & Counsellors, now lies untravelled. It leads...

Detectiveland, by Robin Johnson
Zed's rating:
Average member rating: (50 ratings)

New Losago, 1929 - a town full of creeps, clowns, mobsters and, if you know where to look, the occasional honest citizen. Guide private investigator Lanson Rose through a series of puzzling cases: solve the...

The Dreamhold, by Andrew Plotkin
Zed's rating:
Average member rating: (161 ratings)

The Dreamhold is interactive fiction ó a classic text adventure. No graphics! No point-and-click! You type your commands, and read what happens next. The Dreamhold is designed for people who have never...

Excalibur, by J. J. Guest, G. C. Baccaris, and Duncan Bowsman
Average member rating: (9 ratings)

The psychedelic science fantasy series Excalibur was wiped by the BBC. It lives on, in the memories of its fans. Author's Comment: "Welcome to the Excalibur Wiki. This fan-run encyclopaedia preserves the...

Fingertips: The Day That Love Came To Play, by S. John Ross
Average member rating: (14 ratings)

You're a lounge singer. Time to knock 'em dead. (Written for the Apollo 18+20 tribute album project)

Fish & Dagger, by grave snail games
Average member rating: (9 ratings)

You are a secret agent. Itís the end of the world. You are cursed. You came here to rescue your partner, but the mission has taken a turn for the weird. Parody spy thriller. Best played on a computer or...

Grandpa's Ranch, by Kenneth Pedersen
Average member rating: (6 ratings)

Grandpa's Ranch is a two-word parser game for beginners and kids. By default, a tutorial mode is enabled but can be disabled by typing TUTORIAL OFF. If you are an experienced parser player, I recommend...

Grooverland, by Mathbrush
Average member rating: (15 ratings)

"Magic comes with a price. But on your birthday, all your expenses are paid. Welcome to Grooverland." Grooverland is a large parser game that takes over two hours to complete. It is based on the works of...

Hunger Daemon, by Sean M. Shore
Zed's rating:
Average member rating: (62 ratings)

It's not the end of the world, and you're to blame. Better get on that. But man, it sure would be nice to get a bite to eat first.

The Impossible Bottle, by Linus Ňkesson
Average member rating: (52 ratings)

Housework is only as dull as your imagination. Join Emma, six years old, on a playful adventure of peculiar proportions. Merciful puzzlefest. Parser or point-and-click, as you please. Web (including mobile)...

Journey to Ultimate Fightdown!, by Havilah "mwahahavilah" McGinnis
Average member rating: (5 ratings)

Right in the middle of the final climactic showdown of Journey to Ultimate Fightdown!, the connection suddenly goes out, stranding the characters in the black. This unexpected break gives the player a chance...

Lady Thalia and the Seraskier Sapphires, by E. Joyce and N. Cormier
Average member rating: (8 ratings)

Navigate fraught social situations by day and pull off heists by night as Lady Thalia, the not-actually-aristocratic thief bent on making a mockery of British high society.

Limerick Quest, by Pace Smith
Average member rating: (15 ratings)

"To Russia!" you boldly suggest. "This riddle has got me obsessed. We'll search 'till we're blind, and loot what we find! Let's go on a...

Lost Pig, by Admiral Jota
Zed's rating:
Average member rating: (443 ratings)

Pig lost! Boss say that it Grunk fault. Say Grunk forget about closing gate. Maybe boss right. Grunk not remember forgetting, but maybe Grunk just forget. -- IFComp 2007 blurb

Medicum Veloctic, by Lawrence M Marable
Average member rating: (6 ratings)

the cityís hero: Veloctic. A man of great skill and great power who pushes his body to the brink every night to beat criminals. Velocticís boyfriend: you, a man who is desperately trying to use your medical...

Ned Nelson Really Needs a Job, by Eric Crepeau
Average member rating: (8 ratings)

Bluff your way through a job interview with the the weird CEO of a mysterious company. Thereís just one problem: you have no idea what job youíre applying for

Picton Murder Whodunnit, by Sia See
Average member rating: (7 ratings)

Who shot Major Stephenson: Charles, his brother and business partner, his wife Charlotte, the son Jimmy or even Jeeves the family butler? I donít know either because the villain changes for each game

A Rope of Chalk, by Ryan Veeder
Average member rating: (27 ratings)

An account of the disastrous sidewalk chalk tournament of August 27, 2011.

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