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by Bill Heineman


About the Story

You find yourself lost in the middle of nowhere. In the middle of a mystery. Who are you? Where will you go? What will you do? London. Luxembourg. Across oceans and continents. You struggle for answers. For your identity. And the faceless betrayer who left you to perish. Deception abounds. As do twisted traps and devious characters. But a wise, legendary bird named "Condor" helps in the worst of times. This brilliantly wrought mystery echoes with intricate challenges and unexpected reversals. Yet skillfully, it speaks to you in direct, simple prose. And its greatly expanded vocabulary allows you to talk to the computer in plain English. And that means hours of true enjoyment for both novice and advanced

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"As you may be aware, everyone who hasn't 'made it' and settled into the placid waters of The Civil Service must become a small business. This generally entails either clothing, feeding or entertaining those who work in the public sector and the buzz word for success is USP: the unique selling point which will give your business the edge over the competition. (Of course this country really needs small businesses to create wealth, like manufacturing or new technology - but no-one's told the bank managers who give respectability a bad name). Anyhow, I digress. The point is where on earth is the unique selling point in this product? There isn't one.

Having said all that above, this program really is good and commercial and knocks spots off the opposition. 'Good' because it sports many classy features like a superb tutorial which provides a marvellous introduction to playing adventures and includes an adventure simulation taking you through the step by step thinking behind the moves, GET ALL and DROP ALL, a strong EXAMINE command, QUICK SAVE and QUICKLOAD which allows saving within RAM, and a HELP ME CONDOR command which can be used three times when all else fails (Condor is the bird which featured in that superb BBC program set in South America). Unlike the idiotic, condescending quips of so many disappointing rivals this game's HELP function is truly superb. When you ask for help, help is exactly what you get. How this game has ticked all the boxes and managed to get every last sophisticated feature into 48K will leave the opposition scratching their heads for some time to come. 'Commercial' because it has a superb picture at each location, very well-designed and drawn. Rivals will be particularly impressed by the subtle use of colour and shading to give the graphics a very distinctive flavour. Whoever designed the graphics certainly deserves a pat on the back."
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During the stay in Luxemburg the atmosphere though portrayed in hues of magenta, blue and green is really quite tense, and the more wary will save often to ensure death is not the final frontier. As the plot thickens, and you piece more clues together in order to regain your memory, it becomes apparent that they didn't knock the game together in a couple of days, but really made an effort to make an interesting and engaging adventure.
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