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Wrote Ghost King. I may have solved one or two games without hints. Undistinguished poster to RGIF in the 1990s.

I think my rating scale is:

1 - I do not think it worth one's time
2 - Worth some time, with caveats (like "take a peek but don't feel obligated to complete")
3 - A good game, worthy of significant amounts of one's time
4 - A standout game and/or one of great import
5 - One of the best things ever.

Interactive Fiction by jcompton

Ghost King, by Jason Compton (2020)
(4 ratings)
Your father is dead and you’re sure your uncle is responsible. You tried to tell your mother so. Instead of believing you, she married him. Now you’re going to uncover the truth and set things...

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Amazing Quest, by Nick Montfort   January 5, 2021
"Amazing Quest is an abject failure of interactive fiction, if the definition of interactive fiction involves consequential choices,..." - See the full review

Teaching her to dance, by Marius Müller   August 6, 2020
"This dour slice-of-robot-apocalypse life aims to deliver the tension of a race against death with a narrow high-tech escape...." - See the full review

Façade, by Michael Mateas, Andrew Stern   July 25, 2020
"This game is a mess. And it was always a mess. It was an awkward and ill-fitting blend of real-time first-person navigation and parser..." - See the full review

Kicker, by Pippin Barr   July 25, 2020
"You are kicker. You kick ball. It's as though the old Saturday Night Live song about foreign placekickers who seemed like out-of-place..." - See the full review

Craverly Heights, by Ryan Veeder   July 15, 2020
"It's a wonder IF writers haven't leaned harder into overt soap opera presentation. The stock verbs are so over-the-top and tailor-made,..." - See the full review

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