ECTOCOMP is an annual competition for interactive fiction celebrating the SPOOKY MONTH OF HALLOWEENTOBER. Whether you celebrate Halloween, Day of the Dead, All Saint's Eve, or just love ghost stories and creeping people out, this is your time to shine!

This competition is for games done in English, French and Spanish.

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Organizer(s): Ruber Eaglenest profile, Ju / smwhr profile

Qualification opening date: October 1, 2023

Qualification closing date: October 31, 2023

Games and Awards

La Petite Mort - English

For those who want to speed-write their game in 4 hrs or less.

Entrant: YOUNGBLOOD; YELLOWBELLY, by swanchime
Entrant: Ah Lim's Chicken Rice, #01-08A, by Kastel
Entrant: Forever and Ever, by PetricakeGames-IF
Entrant: ~~~Into Darkness~~~, by Jac Colvin
Entrant: The Loneliest House, by alyshkalia
Entrant: In the Blink of an Eye, by manonamora
Entrant: Vampire Gold, by Olaf Nowacki
Entrant: Your Body a Temple, or the Postmodern Prometheus, by Charm Cochran
Entrant: The Labyrinthine Library of Xleksixnrewix, by Daniel Stelzer, Ada Stelzer, and Sarah Stelzer
Entrant: The Dying of the Light, by Amanda Walker
Entrant: Zombie Eye: Campfire Tales, by Dee Cooke
Entrant: GUT THE MOVIE, by Coral Nulla
Entrant: The Author and its characters, by Stanwixbuster
Entrant: Bonfire Night: The Black Dog, by Carter X Gwertzman
Entrant: Please Leave a Message, by Sarah Willson
Entrant: ConfigurationUploader, by Autumn Chen
Entrant: Taller Tech Mauler Mech, by Andrew Schultz
Entrant: A Study of Human Behavior, by Earth Traveler

Le Grand Guignol - English

For games that, for whatever reason, took longer than 4 hrs to write.

Entrant: Put-Peep(tm), by Sean Huxter
Entrant: The Haunting of Corbitt House, by Arlan Wetherminster
Entrant: Haunted House for Social Phobics, by Stewart C Baker
Entrant: Dark Communion, by alyshkalia
Entrant: Öhfwërhld, by Bruhstin
Entrant: Good Bones: A Haunted Housewarming, by Leon Lin
Entrant: Roads of Liches, by Andrew Schultz
Entrant: End Of History, by n-n
Entrant: Sunny-Side Up, by PetricakeGames-IF
Entrant: Red Haze / Bruma Roja, by Ruber Eaglenest
Entrant: InGirum_English, by BenyDanette
Entrant: Latter-Day Pamphlets, by Robert from High Tower Games
Entrant: Among the Haunted, by aurelim
Entrant: Mothman Test, by Sara Messenger
Entrant: The Shattered Fortress, by JazzTap
Entrant: La Petite Mort, by manonamora
Entrant: The Revenant's Lament, by 30x30

La Petite Mort - Spanish

Para aquellos que quieren escribir un juego de forma muy muy rápida, en 4 horas o menos.

Entrant: El Fin de la Historia, by n-n
Entrant: Red Haze / Bruma Roja, by Ruber Eaglenest
Entrant: El último Baile, by Chemo Umbría

Le Grand Guignol - Spanish

Para juegos, que por cualquier motivo, han sido escritos en más de 4 horas.

Entrant: Esbozo de feto investigando crimen, by Strollersoft
Entrant: Travesuras de estudiantes, by ivsaez
Entrant: BILLIE NIGHT, by Sequentia Soft (Fran Kapilla)
Entrant: 30 Dreams in 31 days, by Mery
Entrant: Monte de las Ánimas (2023), by Dareint
Entrant: El Virulé, segunda parte: Padre, by paravaariar
Entrant: Chasquidos, by binary-sequence
Entrant: La Herencia de la Carne, by AZ

La Petite Mort - French

Pour ceux qui aiment écrire vite et sans perdre de temps dans laquelle sont présentés des jeux faits en moins de 4 heures.

Entrant: In the Blink of an Eye, by manonamora
Entrant: Meurtre dans la station spatiale - 4h, by maximejr

Le Grand Guignol - French

Pour tous les autres jeux qui, pour une raison ou pour une autre, ont été fabriqués en plus de 4h.

Entrant: Meurtre dans la Station Spatiale, by maximejr
Entrant: InGirum_French, by BenyDanette

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