Spring Thing 2018

The 2018 Spring Thing Festival of Interactive Fiction features twenty new interactive stories submitted by authors working across the spectrum of text games. Participants choose to place their games in either the Main Festival, where they are up for ribbons and prizes, or the Back Garden, with looser entry requirements allowing for more experimental or work-in-progress entries.

Illuminismo Iniziato by Michael J. Coyne was awarded both the Audience Choice and Alumni's Choice ribbons.

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Series: Spring Thing

Official Web site: http://www.springthing.net/2018/

Organizer(s): Aaron Reed profile

Award date: May 8, 2018

Qualification opening date: April 6, 2018

Qualification closing date: May 7, 2018

Games and Awards

Main Festival

Main Festival games can be nominated for "ribbons," state fair style.

Winner: Illuminismo Iniziato, by Michael J. Coyne
Entrant: Best Gopher Ever, by Arthur DiBianca
Entrant: A Bunch of Keys, by Mike Gerwat
Entrant: Confessions of an NPC, by Charles Hans Huang
Entrant: Drumsticks, by Luke A. Jones
Entrant: The Eyes That Look Back, by Leno
Entrant: Guttersnipe: The Baleful Backwash, by Bitter Karella
Entrant: House, by Karona
Entrant: The Imposter, by Enrique Henestroza Anguiano
Entrant: Murder on the Big Nothing, by Tony Pisculli
Entrant: Roads in Tempest, by Adam Bredenberg
Entrant: Sherlock Indomitable, by mathbrush
Entrant: Spy EYE, by The Marino Family
Entrant: Zeppelin Adventure, by Robin Johnson

Back Garden

Back Garden games don't participate in voting and prizes, but have looser restrictions on entry.

Entrant: The 4th Break Up, by Papp Róbert
Entrant: Life in a Northern Town, by People + Places
Entrant: REALLY, IF / REALLY, ALWAYS, by Dawn Sueoka
Entrant: Ultramarine: A Seapunk Adventure, by Seven Submarines
Entrant: Venience World, by Daniel Spitz
Entrant: We're All Fans Here, Chapter 1, by Naomi Norbez

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