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Mortlake Manor
by Ben Chenoweth
(5 ratings)

The Addicott Manor
by Intudia
(6 ratings)

Albridge Manor, by Woody Ross (2002)

As Darkness Falls 2, by CJ592 (2009)
(1 rating)

The Attendants
by James Chew, Failbetter Games

Blackwood Manor
by Craig Dutton
(1 rating)

The Butler Did It
by Daniel J Elliot
(2 ratings)

Cragne Manor
by Ryan Veeder, Jenni Polodna et al.
Show other authorsAdam Whybray, Adri, Andrew Plotkin, Andy Holloway, Austin Auclair, Baldur Brückner, Ben Collins-Sussman, Bill Maya, Brian Rushton, Buster Hudson, Caleb Wilson, Carl Muckenhoupt, Chandler Groover, Chris Jones, Christopher Conley, Damon L. Wakes, Daniel Ravipinto, Daniel Stelzer, David Jose, David Petrocco, David Sturgis, Drew Mochak, Edward B, Emily Short, Erica Newman, Feneric, Finn Rosenløv, Gary Butterfield, Gavin Inglis, Greg Frost, Hanon Ondricek, Harkness, Harrison Gerard, Ian Holmes, Ivan Roth, Jack Welch, Jacqueline Ashwell, James Eagle, Jason Dyer, Jason Lautzenheiser, Jason Love, Jeremy Freese, Joey Jones, Joshua Porch, Justin de Vesine, Justin Melvin, Katherine Morayati, Kenneth Pedersen, Lane Puetz, Llew Mason, Lucian Smith, Marco Innocenti, Marius Müller, Mark Britton, Mark Sample, Marshal Tenner Winter, Matt Schneider, Matt Weiner, Matthew Korson, Michael Fessler, Michael Gentry, Michael Hilborn, Michael Lin, Mike Spivey, Molly Ying, Monique Padelis, Naomi Hinchen, Nate Edwards, Petter Sjölund, Q Pheevr, Rachel Spitler, Reed Lockwood, Reina Adair, Riff Conner, Roberto Colnaghi, Rowan Lipkovits, Sam Kabo Ashwell, Scott Hammack, Sean M. Shore, Shin, Wade Clarke, Zach Hodgens, Zack Johnson

(16 ratings)

Cranston Manor
by Harold DeWitz and Ken Williams
(1 rating)

The Crimson Terrors of Delamay Manor, by Logan Noble (2019)
(4 ratings)

Curse Of Crowley Manor
by Jyym Pearson and Norman Sailer
(3 ratings)

The Darkness of Raven Wood, by John Blythe (2016)
(1 rating)

The Enigma of the Old Manor House
by Daniel M. Stelzer
(5 ratings)

The Escape from Hodgkins' Manor, by Stephen Boyd and Jonathan Scott (1990)

Gartin Manor, by Greg Gioia (1987)

Gateway to Karos
by Derek Haslam

Geist - An Interactive Geek Horror
by Dave Bernazzani, Dean Svendsen, Jonna Hind and Steven Robert
(11 ratings)

Ghost, by beecadee (2021)

Ghosterington Night
by Wade Clarke
(13 ratings)

Ghoul Manor
by Stephen J. Masters

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