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NarraScope 2020 Game Jam

5 games
NarraScope 2020 Game Jam is an unranked game jam, overlapping with the NarraScope 2020 Online Conference. The theme for the jam is Growth.

AdventureJam 2020

6 games; award date June 5, 2020
AdventureJam 2020 (Six IF-games were entered into this more general adventure game jam, which had 67 entries) Create an Adventure Game in Two Weeks: April 21st-May 5th! AdventureJam returns this year with a few changes! As always, anyone...

Spring Thing 2020

21 games in 3 divisions; award date May 3, 2020
Spring Thing, also known as the Fall Fooferall, focuses on bringing together new text games of all kinds: choice-based stories, gamebooks, hypertext fictions, visual novels, text adventures, narrative roguelikes, and wild new...

Adventuron Treasure Hunt Jam

16 games; award date April 7, 2020
This was the third Adventuron jam. The challenge was to build an old-school treasure hunt text adventure game with no graphics and minimal text.

2019 ADRIFT Game of the Year Award

9 games; award date April 3, 2020
2019 was a pretty good year for Adrift with 11 games released and a couple of them even entering the Annual IF Competition. The rules for being taken into consideration for the award are simple. 1: The game must be written using the...

The Emily Short Anniversary Contest

2 games; award date April 3, 2020
To honor the enormous amount of high quality games, criticism, resources and support that Short has given the community over the last two decades, we’re running a tribute competition. You have from now until March 24th of 2020 to create...

Second Quadrennial Ryan Veeder Exposition for Good Interactive Fiction

13 games in 3 divisions; award date March 10, 2020
The Ryan Veeder Exposition for Good Interactive Fiction is a quadrennial event showcasing interactive fiction written for the specific purpose of pleasing Ryan Veeder.

French Comp 2020

8 games; award date March 5, 2020
The 13th edition of the French Comp. The themes this year were "Cycle" and "Révolution".

subQjam 2019

7 games; award date January 1, 2020
subQjam is an annual jam about making short interactive story games- fiction, art, or poetry that is enhanced by or can only be presented through interactivity. There's a limit of 1000 words of prose or 9 panels of sequential art. The...

Partim500 - Edition 2019

13 games
La PARTIM 500, 4e édition pour 2019 ! 1. Quoi ? Pour quand ? Un peu plus d'une semaine pour réaliser une toute petite aventure textuelle de 500 mots ! On cherche ici avant tout des aventures hypertextes à la Twine (mais pouvant être...


30 games in 4 divisions; award date December 1, 2019
In a dark place. You open your eyes, and you are in a cold, dim, lonely place. Dark purple fog billowing all around. The stone floor has a faint purple glow too. The strange darkness reaches as far as the eye can see. But no, no,...

25th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition (2019)

82 games in 3 divisions; award date November 17, 2019
An annual celebration of new, text-driven digital games and stories from independent creators.

Adventuron Halloween Jam 2019

6 games; award date November 14, 2019
Use Adventuron Classroom to make your own spooky illustrated text adventure game using Adventuron Classroom.

Adventuron CaveJam

11 games; award date October 6, 2019

2018 XYZZY Awards

29 games in 12 divisions; award date August 14, 2019
Best Technological Development:...

Interactive Fiction Top 50 of All Time (2019 edition)

68 games; award date August 2, 2019
People were asked to send in a list of between 1 and 20 of their favourite IF games of all time (in no particular order). The number of points a game got was the number of lists on which it appeared. 50 participants cast a total of 806...

Nouvim 3000 - 2019 edition

7 games
This is primarily a French language interactive fiction jam. You may participate in a very poor French ;) or even in another language, but in this later case we won't garantee any feedback on your game. If you want to ask questions on an...

AdventureJam 2019

6 games; award date July 1, 2019
Six interactive fiction works were entered into this competition, which had a total of 56 entries: "Create an Adventure Game in Two Weeks! For the fifth year in a row, anyone with a computer, an idea, and an internet connection is...

Spring Thing 2019

20 games in 2 divisions; award date May 6, 2019
The Spring Thing Interactive Festival is an annual online festival celebrating new works of interactive fiction; it takes place in the Spring, usually April-May. IF fans of all backgrounds are encouraged to enter their new works, or play...

Rayuela de Arena 2019

1 game
Rayuela de Arena es un evento anual que aúna eventos presenciales y online, talleres, ponencias, y jam de juegos narrativos. El tema de la edición 2019 es Realismo Mágico, inspirada por los titanes de la literatura Jorge Luis Borges y...
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