3rd Annual Interactive Fiction Competition (1997)

The annual competition for original IF, judged by the readership of rec.arts.int-fiction.

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Series: Annual Interactive Fiction Competition

Official Web site: www.ifcomp.org

Organizer(s): Kevin "Whizzard" Wilson

Award date: January 10, 1998

Submission deadline: September 30, 1997

Games and Awards

1st Place: The Edifice, by Lucian P. Smith
2nd Place: Babel, by Ian Finley
3rd Place: Glowgrass, by Nate Cull
4th Place: She's Got a Thing for a Spring, by Brent VanFossen
5th Place: A Bear's Night Out, by David Dyte
6th Place: Sunset Over Savannah, by Ivan Cockrum
7th Place: Poor Zefron's Almanac, by Carl Klutzke
8th Place: The Lost Spellmaker, by Neil James Brown
9th Place: Sins Against Mimesis, by Adam Thornton
10th Place: A New Day, by Jonathan Fry
11th Place: Zero Sum Game, by Cody Sandifer
12th Place: Zombie!, by Scott Starkey
13th Place: The Frenetic Five vs. Sturm und Drang, by Neil deMause
14th Place: Travels in the Land of Erden, by Laura Knauth
15th Place: The Unholy Grail, by Stuart Allen
16th Place: Friday Afternoon, by Mischa Schweitzer
17th Place: Madame L'Estrange and the Troubled Spirit, by Ian Ball and Marcus Young
18th Place: Sylenius Mysterium, by C. E. Forman
19th Place: Phred Phontious and the Quest for Pizza, by Michael Zey
20th Place: Down, by Kent Tessman
21st Place: VirtuaTech, by David S. Glasser
22nd Place: The Obscene Quest of Dr. Aardvarkbarf, by Gary Roggin
23rd Place: A Good Breakfast, by Stuart Adair
24th Place: Town Dragon, by David Cornelson
25th Place: The Tempest, by Graham Nelson and William Shakespeare
26th Place: Temple of the Orc Mage, by Gary Roggin
27th Place: E-Mailbox, by Jay Goemmer
28th Place: Pintown, by Stefan Blixt
29th Place: Leaves, by Mikko Vuorinen
30th Place: Congratulations!, by Frederick Hirsch
31st Place: CASK, by Harry M. Hardjono
32nd Place: Symetry, by Ryan Stevens
33rd Place: Aunt Nancy's House, by Nate Schwartzman
34th Place: Coming Home, by Andrew Katz

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