So, You've Never Played a Text Adventure Before, Huh?

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- bazbike, September 4, 2020

- Zape, September 1, 2020

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A softly welcome distraction for a 2020 evening, September 1, 2020

Softly distracting from the terrors of pre-election 2020 (I can't imagine what the post-election terrors will be like, specifically because I don't want to give 2021 any ideas, it's not a contest, hush there 2021, no need to assert yourself - just sleep). Ryan is funny. Ryan, you're funny. I wish this game was longer, so I could continue softly distracting myself with humor. I request a sequel called "So, You've Never Fought Against Racism During A Global Pandemic Before, Huh?"

- Edo, May 11, 2020

- Homo Sovieticus, January 14, 2018

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A Robin and Orchid spinoff as a tutorial, July 22, 2017
by MathBrush
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This review is part of the Official Ryan Veeder Weekend Review Communal Effort with Guaranteed Prize.

This is a spin-off of Robin and Orchid. You are investigating a haunted house, and fall down a hole.

The best part of the game is the demonstration of the three main methods of conversation.

The least best part of the game is the hinting. While it is generally good, there were times where the hints just kind of kicked out at important moments. The inexperienced adventurer that I was playing as got frustrated at not, for instance, knowing how to get through the door.

I enjoyed the ending considerably, though.

- Denk, March 14, 2017

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A gentle, fun introduction, March 13, 2017
by mattlaschneider
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This a a good introduction to a lot of the basic elements that players will encounter in a variety of parser-based IF. Veeder's strong voice works well here, as it makes the sometimes-daunting idea of IF into something fun and conversational. I found the game to be a bit shorter than I would've expected (by no means is it anything like The Dreamhold), but some new players might appreciate being able to complete this game relatively quickly. Seasoned players will be able to enjoy a lot of the small touches Veeder puts into the game, such as the status line updates.

- RoboDragonn, February 3, 2017

- CMG (NYC), August 27, 2015

- Sobol (Russia), June 6, 2015

- siquis (Scotland), November 7, 2014

- nosferatu, September 2, 2014

- Molly (USA), June 21, 2014

- RichCheng (Warwickshire, UK), June 12, 2014

- E.K., April 8, 2014

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