Open Sorcery

by Abigail Corfman

Science Fiction

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- E.K., May 12, 2016

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Good, May 11, 2016

This is very good interactive fiction. There is much more decision-making than there is in the average IF game, with multiple locations and days.

You play to find and eliminate spiritual threats in locations of importance to your creators, and the way you eliminate them is up to you - this aspect of the game is quite tactical, allowing you to use assets and your own wits to gain more of those assets to employ in dangerous situations later.

The only complaint I can think of is the expanded version. I am not sure what "Expanded" means in this case, but if it means it is a more immersive experience then I find it irritating that I don't have an iPhone or android to download and play this "Expanded version".

- sipral, May 11, 2016

- CMG (NYC), May 11, 2016

- verityvirtue (London), May 11, 2016

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