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Midnight. Swordfight., by Chandler Groover   January 25, 2016
"Yet again, this author astounds me with a total reimagining of the IF navigation model. Yet again, it puts the typical model to shame. I..." - See the full review

Map, by Ade McT   January 21, 2016
"This game definitely isn't for everybody. The overall feeling of melancholy and wasted potential never lifts. There is no choice that..." - See the full review

Weird City Interloper, by C.E.J. Pacian   January 21, 2016
"No question, this is absolutely my favorite IF of all time. Between the fantastically written characters, incredibly creative setting,..." - See the full review

Brain Guzzlers from Beyond!, by Steph Cherrywell   January 21, 2016
"I've kept up with Cherrywell's comics since Muertitos, and as a longtime IF fan, was very thrilled to see them branch into the medium...." - See the full review

Slouching Towards Bedlam, by Star Foster and Daniel Ravipinto   January 21, 2016
"Finally, something worthy of the term "Lovecraftian"! The game keeps you moving without seeming too easy in a way that few of this length..." - See the full review

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