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EctoComp 2020

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Series: EctoComp

Official Web site: https://itch.io/jam/ectocomp-2020-english

Organizer(s): Ruber Eaglenest

Submission deadline: October 30, 2020

Games and Awards

Le Grand Guignol

Le Grand Guignol, for games that, for whatever reason, took longer than 4 hrs to write

Entrant: Better than Alone, by willitchio
Entrant: The Curse of the Scarab, by Nils Fagerburg
Entrant: Ritus Sacri, by quackoquack
Entrant: Several Other Tales from Castle Balderstone, by Ryan Veeder
Entrant: Social Lycanthropy Disorder, by E. Joyce
Entrant: Toadstools, by Bitter Karella
Entrant: A Very Dangerous Criminal, by C.C. Hill

La Petite Mort

For those who want to speed-write their game in 4 hrs or less

Entrant: Cabin in the Forest, by willitchio
Entrant: Death Plays Battleship, by Nerd Date Night
Entrant: Duck Diary, by Mathbrush
Entrant: Ebony & Ivory's Halloween Party, by M. Nite Chamberlain
Entrant: Fracture, by Ralfe Rich
Entrant: Last Day, by Earth Traveler
Entrant: The Long Nap, by Paul Michael Winters
Entrant: Phantasmagoria, by Jac Colvin
Entrant: A Pilgrim, by Caleb Wilson (as Abandoned Pools)
Entrant: Rat Chasm, by Hatless
Entrant: RED FAST BENT, by B Minus Seven

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