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Interactive Fiction by nf

The Libonotus Cup, by Nils Fagerburg (2021)
(15 ratings)
“You? Win the Libonotus Cup?” Sammy scoffs. “I'd be impressed if your ship even makes it to the starting line tomorrow morning, let alone Portobello.” “Aye,” you say, “me ship may have taken a...

The Curse of the Scarab, by Nils Fagerburg (2020)
(11 ratings)
Archeology licenses are for suckers, not for Rhoda Tarcrew. But now the authorities are closing in and there's only time for one last dig before you have to flee the country. Better make it count.

Escape from Hell, by Nils Fagerburg (2022)
(7 ratings)
You've been trapped in a stupid zombie accountant long enough, tonight you steal another body and... Escape from Hell! A puzzly parserless parser game.

Moondrop Isle, by Ryan Veeder, Nils Fagerburg, Joey Jones, Zach Hodgens, Jason Love, Mark Marino, Carl Muckenhoupt, Sarah Willson, Caleb Wilson (2024)
(5 ratings)
The Third Quadrennial Ryan Veeder Exposition for Good Interactive Fiction invites you to visit Moondrop Isle.

Dessert Island Adventure, by Nils Fagerburg (2022)
(8 ratings)
Visit a deserted dessert island! Collect magic ingredients! Learn some spells and invent new ones!

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