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La onzième horde, by Laurent Pendarias
(2 ratings)

Aventurière Intérimaire : Miléna et le lycéen hanté
by Eva Simonin, Jean Vigne, Gakaï-San, Rémy Boutin et Laurent Pendarias.
(1 rating)

The Woods Are Dark, by Laurence Moore (2003)
(5 ratings)

The Curse of Calutha, by Laurence Creighton (1991)
(1 rating)

The Plague - Redux, by Laurence Moore (2005)
(6 ratings)

The Golden Pyramid
by Laurence Creighton
(3 ratings)

Behold - Atlantis, by Laurence Creighton (1989)
(1 rating)

Beyond El Dorado, by Laurence Creighton (1995)

Flameout, by Laurence Creighton (1994)

The Night That Dripped Blood, by Laurence Moore (2002)

The Well of Zol, by Laurence Creighton (1994)

Textile Quest\, by Brenden Barth and Lauren Cunningham
(2 ratings)

Nightmare Adventure
by Laurence Emms, Vibha Laljani
(10 ratings)

Going Critical
by Laurence Creighton
(1 rating)

The Treasure of the Santa Maria
by Laurence Creighton
(1 rating)

Professor Frank, by Laurence Kilday (2011)
(10 ratings)

1789, by Laurent-Pierre Gilliard, Vincent Baillet, Yves Laurisse (1986)

The Bermuda Triangle, by Laurence Creighton (1990)

Creative Activist Project AU18, by Rebecca and Lauren (2018)

Eclipse, by Laurence Creighton (1990)

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