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LMS The Video Game, by John Goettle
LMS THE VIDEO GAME is an Action Interactive Fiction Game where you battle Evil Robots, collect items and explore some of Langley Middle School (LMS).

Lost Pig, by Admiral Jota
Average member rating: (467 ratings)

Pig lost! Boss say that it Grunk fault. Say Grunk forget about closing gate. Maybe boss right. Grunk not remember forgetting, but maybe Grunk just forget. -- IFComp 2007 blurb

Marble Madness, by Emily Short
Grunion Guy's rating:
Average member rating: (16 ratings)

The Mulldoon Legacy, by Jon Ingold
Average member rating: (43 ratings)

"In the event of my disappearance, my legacy shall not be distributed until every room in my museum has been searched in case I can be located." --Last Will and Testament, E. Mulldoon.

Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It, by Jeff O'Neill
Grunion Guy's rating:
Average member rating: (57 ratings)

You are standing at the edge of a barren field. A steady wind, having secreted away the topsoil, is now drifting sandy dirt across the plain. A scant sign of life here is a freshly-burrowed molehill on the...

Not Just an Ordinary Ballerina, by Jim Aikin
Average member rating: (28 ratings)

Pick Up the Phone Booth and Aisle, by David Dyte, Steve Bernard, Dan Shiovitz, Iain Merrick, Liza Daly, John Cater, Ola Sverre Bauge, J. Robinson Wheeler, Jon Blask, Dan Schmidt, Stephen Granade, Rob Noyes, and Emily Short
Average member rating: (105 ratings)

Recluse, by Stephen Gorrell
Average member rating: (7 ratings)
A text adventure in the classic Infocom style. It begins with you delivering a sealed package, contents unknown, to J. Daggett Winton, noted archeologist, explorer, inventor, mathematician, philosopher,......
Rent-A-Spy, by John Eriksson
Average member rating: (5 ratings)
Ritual of Purification, by Jarek Sobolewski
Average member rating: (6 ratings)
Tha' art a magician, embarked on an astral projection. Danger. Romance, perhaps. Learning, maybe... [--blurb from The Z-Files Catalogue]
SameGame, by Kevin Bracey
Average member rating: (4 ratings)
Use cursor keys or the mouse to select a ball. Remove that ball and its matching neighbours by pressing Enter. Balls can only be removed if two or more neighbours match. The more balls that are removed each...
Scary House Amulet!, by Ricardo Dague
Average member rating: (12 ratings)
You have green hair! Your name is Britney!! Legend says there is a valuable, powerful Amulet in the house, which may be retrieved by anyone who is daring! Do you dare?
Screen, by Edward Floren
Average member rating: (6 ratings)

Shade, by Andrew Plotkin
Average member rating: (400 ratings)

"A one-room game set in your apartment." [--blurb from Competition Aught-Zero]

Snowblind Aces, by C.E.J. Pacian
Average member rating: (32 ratings)

Two aces shelter from a snowstorm under the wing of a biplane. They've duelled and played in the air for years. Love is inevitable. But what kind of relationship will they end up in?

So Far, by Andrew Plotkin
Average member rating: (70 ratings)

Sitting in a cramped theatre, irritated that your partner apparently hasn't turned up, you are strangely intrigued by a current of air. It will lead you to a place very different from your own familiar...

Spider and Web, by Andrew Plotkin
Average member rating: (294 ratings)

A vacation in our lovely country! See the ethnic charms of the countryside, the historic grandeur of the capital city. Taste our traditional cuisine; smell the flowers of the Old Tree. And all without...

Spring Cleaning, by Roger Carbol
Average member rating: (6 ratings)

A down-on-his-luck commoner has been hired to clean the tower of the wizard Morkenmindan. Spring Cleaning was written as part of Spring 'Speed' IF during the last week of March, 2008. I say 'speed' because...

Suveh Nux, by David Fisher
Average member rating: (220 ratings)

An entry in the 2007 One Room Game Competition. You play a magician's servant who gets trapped in your master's vault; you'll need to learn some of his tricks if you want to get out.

The Temple, by Johan Berntsson
Average member rating: (11 ratings)

You play as someone plagued by nightmares of falling, but in tonight's nightmare, you've somehow landed in in a strange alien city. With the time-lost Charles Bristow, you'll uncover the city's dark secrets,...

Till Death Makes a Monk-Fish Out of Me, by Mike Sousa and Jon Ingold
Average member rating: (34 ratings)

Dr. Taylor's looking worried. Dr. Kurner's looking exhausted. Zak is grinning with glee. Today is the big day, and you're about to try out the crowning experiment of your life, and in AtlantisLab's chequered...

Time: All Things Come to an End, by Andy Phillips
Average member rating: (7 ratings)

After many years developing a time travel machine, the company has decided to close the project down. If only you could get the machine to work, you would be able to make a leap into the future to prove its...

To Hell in a Hamper, by J. J. Guest
Grunion Guy's rating:
Average member rating: (108 ratings)

Professor Pettibone, eminent Victorian balloonist, has a problem. He can't get it up. His balloon that is. If he can't reach an altitude of 20,000 feet, and soon, both he and his mysterious travelling...

Trinity, by Brian Moriarty
Grunion Guy's rating:
Average member rating: (96 ratings)

You're neither an adventurer nor a professional thrill-seeker. You're simply an American tourist in London, enjoying a relaxing stroll through the famous Kensington Gardens. When World War III starts and the...

The Underoos that Ate New York!, by G. Kevin Wilson
Average member rating: (26 ratings)

Looks like that meteor crash from page 12 wasn't as harmless as everyone was expecting: now your clothes are playing mad!...

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