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I'm a super hero and a writer!

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Trollslayer, by Grunion Guy (2008)
A short fantasy game about a dwarf, an elf and a troll. This listing was previously titled 'Dwarflover' and had a TADS online Java application. That version had been reworked into the newer, better...

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Adventureland, by Scott Adams   April 5, 2008
"I can credit this game with my love of text adventure games. I played it when I was quite young on my Vic-20. And even though the game is..." - See the full review

Trinity, by Brian Moriarty   March 24, 2008
"This is one of the very few Infocom text adventures I solved by myself and without hints way back in the Apple IIe days. That isn't to..." - See the full review

Child's Play, by Stephen Granade   March 24, 2008
"This is one of the best IF games I've played in awhile. Well-written with great NPC conversations and well thought out characters. All of..." - See the full review

Gun Mute, by C.E.J. Pacian   March 18, 2008
"A quick and thoroughly enjoyable game in an interesting Wild Apocalyptick West setting that I'd love to see fleshed out into a bigger..." - See the full review

Marble Madness, by Emily Short   March 18, 2008
"A 20 move adventure that has some surprising moments and great replay value. "

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