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Ancient History!, April 5, 2008
by Grunion Guy (Portland)

I can credit this game with my love of text adventure games. I played it when I was quite young on my Vic-20. And even though the game is sparsely detailed with a frustrating parser compared to today's games, it was quite exciting and kept me coming back to try and solve its unfair puzzles. Not really much to look at now, it might be worth checking out.

(Spoiler - click to show)The bear puzzle. Am I the only one who, even at the young age I was, solved it by becoming completely frustrated with the bear and typing screw bear? The old parser only read the first three letters of every word and the intended solution was, apparently, scream bear. So imagine my surprise when I typed Screw Bear and the response was 'The bear is so startled it falls off the ledge.' Awesome. I think it's the only game I ever had to resort to bestiality to solve a problem. Thanks Scott Adams!

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deedleman, April 2, 2009 - Reply
No, you weren't the only one! I tried doing all kinds of unmentionable things to that bear before I stumbled on the "screw bear" thing. And after 20+ years, it's good to finally understand what really happened. I never would have thought to "scream" at the bear. Lol, good times....
Grunion Guy, August 27, 2010 - Reply
Awesome! Thanks for replying! If you haven't seen it, Jason Scott's IF documentary, 'Get Lamp, has a feature where Scott Adams himself relates this story. And pretty much verbatim to how I've been telling it to people over the last twenty years. Definitely one of my favorite moments in IF and the feature with Adams telling the story made my day.
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