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This game requires an interpreter program - refer to the game's documentation for details. (Compressed with ZIP. Free Unzip tools are available for most systems at www.info-zip.org.)

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by Christina Erskin, Joan Lamb, Neil Scrimgeour, Dicken Peeke, Nusarath Jahan, Mike Austin, Nick Austin, John Jones-Steele, and Mike Bryant


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"Of course, an essential part of the game is the combat. This is handled automatically, with the text giving a blow-by-blow account of what's happening - usually the swashbuckling Lancelot manages to smash his opponents into submission with scarcely a scratch (never mind a wound) to show for it. Usually Lancelot has the opportunity to spare the beaten opponent's life, and should do so because if he is unchivalrous he loses honour and his score (which represents how good a knight he is) is reduced.

Due to its refined parser, and the freedom to travel all over the land without much restriction, Lancelot is very easy to get in to, but accomplishing any valorous deeds requires more thought. One problem is that with the lack of the usual adventuring restrictions and the GO TO option, it sometimes appears to play by itself. Despite this, there is real character interaction and virtually every object found can be examined, helping to create a good adventuring atmosphere."
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