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- cgasquid (west of house), February 13, 2022

- Spike, February 26, 2017

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A costume-party murder mystery with timed events, February 3, 2016
by MathBrush
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Suspect is an Infocom mystery game. It resembles Deadline more than Witness or Ballyhoo. You are at a party with a large crowd of people, and you are set up for the murder of the hostess.

This game features a large number of NPCs with independent actions. You have to figure out who committed the murder, and we, and who helped them.

Overall, it seemed difficult, but I just used a walkthrough after playing around a bit. I don't enjoy replaying long games over and over, (except for Adventure and Zork I, where you really just need to optimize your lantern use). The story was fun, and I enjoyed the feelies.

The game does give you clues on the actions you need to perform, usually by seeing something happen and saying to yourself "Oh! If I had done such and such EARLIER, I would have been fine!"

- Thrax, March 12, 2015

- shornet (Bucharest), March 23, 2014


The puzzles are generally well done, but it suffers from a lack of vividness, and a lack of feeling that you're really there. [...] All in all though, Suspect remains a very solid effort, and well worth a play through.

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- Puddin Tame (Queens, NY), October 27, 2012

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