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Began playing IF in 1986 and whipped through all the Infocom games in short order. Starved from 1989-1996 when I discovered the freeware community. Wrote "RANS" and "Painless Little Stupid Games" in 1998-2000, then took 11 years off, and have now returned to write and play some more.

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Interactive Fiction by Rotonoto

Dinnertime, by Bob Reeves (1998)
(3 ratings)

Not a game but a single puzzle, a simple and ancient one.

They're After You!, by Bob Reeves (1999)
(3 ratings)

A chase scene ... yeah, that's about it.

To Get To the Other Side, by Bob Reeves (1999)
(2 ratings)

My first actual game. Fun with boxes, painted rooms, broken tv sets, toy nuclear bombs, homicidal truckdrivers, and more (but no chickens). Z-Code version eliminates a pair of doors and their key...

Sturdlint (The Mempotnaclob), by Bob Reeves (2011)
(2 ratings)

The easiest of all games, containing the easiest imaginable puzzles, but ... uh ... what are they, exactly?

The Valley House, by Bob Reeves (2011)
(1 rating)

A puzzle-free trip through a day, in some ways a typical day, in other ways not. How much you discover about the nature of this day, and your part in it, is up to you.

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Varicella, by Adam Cadre
Muggle Studies, by M. Flourish Klink
Savoir-Faire, by Emily Short
Anchorhead, by Michael Gentry
Zork: A Troll's-Eye View, by Dylan O'Donnell

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