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Help! I'm stuck in an airport and I can't get out!, July 18, 2016
by Wade Clarke (Sydney, Australia)
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(I originally published this review on 5 October 2012 as part of my blog of IFComp 2012. This was the 7th of 26 games I reviewed.)

Transit is a solidly blah hyperlink CYOA in which you try to find your lost friend while in a foreign airport. It's also buggy in spite of its smallness.

The writing of Transit is completely unadorned. The addition of any kind of specific information about anything in the game (what airport? who am I? who's my friend? where am I going or where have I been?) would improve things, but each element is presented in its most elemental non-descript form, preventing any kind of interest from being generated. For instance, the only way to derive play interest from visits to generic airport outlets like Starbucks and McDonalds would be to allow anything at all to happen at them beyond the eating of their generic food, but that eating is all that Transit offers before telling you it's time to resume the search for your missing friend.

The three features of the game which slightly redeem it are:

1. The way you can die by binge drinking some dispensed canned drink whose title and contents you can't read.

2. The fact that the winning path involves trying anti-intuituve actions, which will probably cause you to poke around looking for it.

3. The little icons which appear each turn depicting your current situation in the universal language of public signage. A neat idea not well served by the material.

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A short twine game with graphics about finding a friend in an airport, May 21, 2016

In this short Twine game, you are looking for a friend in an airport.

This version of Twine uses unlimited scroll back, a nice feature. Each passage is illustrated with an image from a warning sign or other kind of sign.

There are multiple endings, but the ways to achieve them are not clear. This made me feel frustrated at times.

The writing doesn't sparkle, but it does its job. There's a bit of a fantasy/altered reality element at one point that was interesting.

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