16 Ways to Kill a Vampire at McDonalds

by Abigail Corfman


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A delicious little game served hot with lots of ketchup, June 22, 2019
by deathbytroggles (Minneapolis, MN)

The first Twine game I played was a fantastic introduction to the system. About twenty years ago I played Will the Real Marjorie Hopkirk Please Stand Up?, a game about trying to find 100 ways to kill 100 clones. I was enthralled by the premise and disappointed it was a demo with only five solutions. So I was thrilled to finally get to play something similar that was less intimidating and more lighthearted.

I really appreciated that no significant knowledge of vampire literature is necessary as Corfman provides ample hints along the way if you're stuck. Some puzzles can be solved in multiple ways. And there's also plenty to look at and tinker with that explores the character outside of just her night shift job.

The structure isn't perfect; some playthroughs get repetitive (which was one of my criticisms of Galatea) and some paths of victory can be found by luck, though the game's brevity (and levity!) help alleviate these concerns. None of the puzzles are particularly difficult, but some are clever, and it never felt like I was mindlessly clicking on hypertext.

What shot my rating up to five stars was the game's three epilogues that provide the player with silly information about vampire stories, 16 more ways to kill a vampire (no puzzling required), and a Rashomon style section to view all your playthroughs via the eyes of one of the McDonald's employees. Corfman's writing is so delightful that I eagerly read everything and have now played this twice since its release.

- RoboDragonn, May 22, 2019

- Greg Frost (Seattle, Washington), August 18, 2018

- X.W, July 6, 2018

- play_all_day, June 22, 2018

- Dominia, December 23, 2017

- oxfordarmadillo, December 22, 2017

- Squidi, December 5, 2017

- hollowaytape, October 6, 2017

- Julia Myer (USA), September 26, 2017

- jamesb (Lexington, Kentucky), August 13, 2017

- Wanderlust, August 3, 2017

- hogart, July 26, 2017

- Spike, July 22, 2017

- mapped, July 3, 2017

- oakheart17, July 1, 2017

- lastplaneout (Boone, NC), June 23, 2017

- Simon Deimel (Germany), June 1, 2017

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A complex and well-clued twine game about killing vampires, May 10, 2017

This game is by the author of Open Sorcery, one of the best Twine games.

In this game, you play a side character in a Buffy the Vampire Slayer-type world. You need to kill a vampire!

The game is heavily location-and-inventory based, similar to the other high-rated IFComp 2016 games Cactus Blue Motel and the Shoe Dept.

There are a lot of clever tricks, like testing you on how well you know classic texts, useful items hid among unuseful items.

The cluing is excellent; any one ending will give you hints on the other 15, and options that you should have thought of but didn't are greyed out.

It does have an unnecessarily large amount of profanity, though.

- Wei Yuan Lee, April 29, 2017

- mangoduck, March 13, 2017

- Kaesa, February 28, 2017

- Serge Kirillov, February 23, 2017

- Mona Mae (South Africa), February 23, 2017

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Funny and Interesting , February 23, 2017

I don't usually like Twine games, but I liked this game. Partly for the humour- the tone of voice the PC is quirky and funny, and it's interesting to observe the interactions between the PC's and the NPC'S. Another reason I really liked this game is because of the replayability factor- there's a lot of different paths you can try out and it's interesting to see the different results. The puzzles are interesting but not unfair - most of them are fairly easy to figure out, and if you've beaten the game once you can see hints as to how to achieve the other endings. Overall it took me about 2 hours to play through all of the ends.

If you're interested in playing a quirky vampire satire with lots of opportunity to explore different choices and see the affect on the game's environment and the characters, try this game.

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