Zorkian Stories 1: G.U.E.

by Marshal Tenner Winter profile

Episode 1 of Zorkian Stories
Fantasy, Zorkian

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- Zape, April 14, 2021

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Nostalgic Return to Zork Environment, October 1, 2018
by TRJ

Despite a few smaller "bugs", 2 parser type short comings (in my opinion), some spelling errors, and smaller nature of the game, this is the closest I've felt of being back within a Zork/Enchanter type environment in recent years than anything else I've seen (I grew up during the period of them being released). Well worth some time for those who want something smaller for a weekend to bring back the memories. Note I'm not sure if all 25 points are fully possible, but I was able to get 24 out of 25. I can post my solution if others desire...

- Denk, January 2, 2017

- BlitzWithGuns, December 21, 2014

- Floating Info, February 8, 2014

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Quite short, but not bad for a first attempt, February 17, 2013

This is the author's first IF, and it shows. There are some missing synonyms (notably (Spoiler - click to show) "kill" and "break", only "attack" and at certain times "throw" can be used ), and at least one read-the-author's mind situation: in the lounge (Spoiler - click to show) you must "sit on table" to break it in order to retrieve its sturdy leg.
It is suggested to take care when in the machinery room, because if the wrong object is used (Spoiler - click to show)on the fan, then it will be destroyed by the latter. However, a simple "undo" can fix that.
It has been reported that there are two (Spoiler - click to show)dusty keys in the temple, which may causes disambiguation problems. In my run, however, I immediatly took one when I first entered the room, and even if the second one appeared after a "look", it did not create any problems, because one of those objects were already in the inventory, so, effectively, they were distinct.

On the bright side, it is reasonably well written, the puzzles (with the exception, perhaps, of the one in the lounge, see a spoiler above) are fair, and although another reviewer noted a missing room connection, this is not important in order to finish the game.

Overall, considering this is the author's first IF, it is a quite nice one...I have seen much worse first works.

- Cretu724, January 11, 2013

- Brain, January 2, 2013

- OtisTDog, December 29, 2012

- monkeyboy, November 19, 2012

- drewplayz, November 19, 2012

- VergoZennor, November 11, 2012

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Needs a Visit to the Frobozz Magic Playtesting Company, October 20, 2012
by Ghalev (Northeastern PA, United States)

This seems like an effort in good faith, but there are no testers credited that I can find (the game doesn't respond to any of the standard information requests like CREDITS, HELP, ABOUT, AUTHOR and so on), and I think a few rounds of testing would do a world of good getting the game into releasable condition. As it is, it's a pretty frustrating experience: awkwardly implemented, marred by spelling and grammar oddities, synonym omissions, awkward formatting choices, and more. The game launches immediately into name-dropping from established Zork lore to set the mood, but if it manages to deliver on that implied promise, the delivery waits over a horizon of frustration. With a team of testers and a little more time, this could well be a worthy entry into the fan-Zork category. Here's hope for its future ... but it's just not ready yet.

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