Zorkian Stories 1: G.U.E.

by Marshal Tenner Winter profile

Episode 1 of Zorkian Stories
Fantasy, Zorkian

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Needs a Visit to the Frobozz Magic Playtesting Company, October 20, 2012
by Ghalev (Northeastern PA, United States)

This seems like an effort in good faith, but there are no testers credited that I can find (the game doesn't respond to any of the standard information requests like CREDITS, HELP, ABOUT, AUTHOR and so on), and I think a few rounds of testing would do a world of good getting the game into releasable condition. As it is, it's a pretty frustrating experience: awkwardly implemented, marred by spelling and grammar oddities, synonym omissions, awkward formatting choices, and more. The game launches immediately into name-dropping from established Zork lore to set the mood, but if it manages to deliver on that implied promise, the delivery waits over a horizon of frustration. With a team of testers and a little more time, this could well be a worthy entry into the fan-Zork category. Here's hope for its future ... but it's just not ready yet.

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OtisTDog, December 29, 2012 - Reply
Agreed. I was willing to play through the various minor errors, but encountering two critical programming problems compelled me to stop trying(Spoiler - click to show): the incorrectly adjoined Sun Room (in which trying to go north through its door leaves you inexplicably back at the starting location, and trying to enter the door leaves you in an empty room with no description), and the presence of two identical dusty keys (causing parser disambiguation issues whenever you try to use one). I would try again if there is an updated release.
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