Heretic's Hope

by G. C. Baccaris profile

Episode 2 of Sacred Tides series

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- Minidoc, January 23, 2021

- TheBoxThinker, January 19, 2021

- The Xenographer, October 15, 2020

- realityChemist, May 22, 2020

- Aryore, May 17, 2020

- kierlani, April 3, 2020

- wisprabbit (Sheffield, UK), January 8, 2020

- Spike, December 29, 2019

- Rovarsson (Belgium), December 2, 2019

IF Comprehensive

[...] itís well-paced, consistently interesting, and takes place in an original setting. [...] Itís difficult to anticipate exactly how the conversation branches will affect the development of the plot, but there are definitely branch points in the story and meaningful choices to make. There are also three different mentors from which the player can choose, encouraging replaying the game. The custom interface for the game is both beautifully designed and easy to use. The polished and professional writing is consistently strong throughout, conveying the utter alienness of the world and its inhabitants.

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These Heterogenous Tasks

This is a very polished piece: the writing is at a professional level, and a very thorough job has been done with presentation. But it didnít really click with me [...] It was not for me, but I feel it deserves high placing.

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- Hanon Ondricek (United States), November 28, 2019

- dgtziea, November 19, 2019

- AKheon (Finland), November 18, 2019

- tekket (ČeskŠ LŪpa, Czech Republic), November 18, 2019

- Karl Ove Hufthammer (Bergen, Norway), November 17, 2019

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A fantasy/horror game with deep worldbuilding and impressive UI, October 3, 2019
by MathBrush
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This author has become well known for Twine UI work. with many people interested in learning how to make games look the way, for instance, Devotionalia did.

This game has that same rich UI. Buttons instead of hyperlinks, character portraits, rich backdrops, multiple save files in a button in a collapsible menu.

Story-wise, this is heavy stuff, epic fantasy mixed with horror. You are a lone human burying their mother, living on an island filled with huge, sentient insects. You have been offered a controversial position on the island in the religious hierarchy, and life is complicated.

Most choices are about your attitude and response to others (agreeing, disagreeing, deflecting). Others have agency affecting the story. The real replayability factor is in the characters, not all of which you can talk to in one go through.

It's polished, descriptive, interactive, creepiness-inducing, and I would replay, so I'm giving it 5 stars!

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Wwow, October 2, 2019
by huckanddorothy (Los Angeles, CA)

The story was moving. The graphics were amazing. This pushed me to do better.

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