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Wrote a parser game once

Interactive Fiction by wisprabbit

Honk!, by Alex Harby (2023)
(8 ratings)
A Fair Game ...

Vampire Ltd, by Alex Harby (2020)
(25 ratings)
Nero Brashov, vampire and failed businessman, has revenge on his mind. He'll pose as a human, infiltrate his arch-enemy's corporation, and sabotage it from the inside. Just as soon as he's invited...

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Blue Lacuna, by Aaron A. Reed   July 31, 2019
"A couple of caveats before this big long review: I played Blue Lacuna in Puzzle Mode, so my experience of the story and pacing will..." - See the full review

Galatea, by Emily Short   June 20, 2019
"Galatea is a weird one for me, because I always butt my head against it for reasons that might not even be its fault. As a story, it's..." - See the full review

Letters from Home, by Roger Firth   August 27, 2018
"Letters From Home is an unabashed puzzlefest. There's almost no plot whatsoever. That's absolutely fine by me - this game just wants to..." - See the full review

The Dreamhold, by Andrew Plotkin   July 1, 2018
"I think The Dreamhold was my first IF, maybe three or four years ago. I've dabbled in IF on and off since then, but I've been making a..." - See the full review