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- Malasana, August 2, 2021

- Hellzon (Sweden), July 1, 2021

- Greg Frost (Seattle, Washington), March 1, 2021

- Fabien Vidal (Tours, France), January 14, 2021

- Zape, January 14, 2021

- Perforation, January 14, 2021

- RichCheng (Warwickshire, UK), December 13, 2020

- Marc-André Goyette, May 28, 2020

- kierlani, April 6, 2020

- Saturnara, March 19, 2020

- Danielle (The Wild West), June 28, 2019

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Enjoy an epic sci-fi journey while waiting for the bus., June 28, 2019
by Damon L. Wakes (Winchester, UK)
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Seedship is one of those rare games where every little choice you make adds up to one great big one. On the surface, playing as the AI governing a vast interstellar colony ship, you visit a series of planets and decide at each stop along the way whether to end your journey and make that place a home, or press on to the next one in the hopes it might be better. When you land, you'll be treated to a little story about how your colonists fare in the place you've chosen for them. So far, so simple.

The problem with this process is that the ship deteriorates gradually over time. If holding out for the ideal planet means smashing into it with no landing gear and half the scientific database erased, then it may well have been wiser to settle on a less hospitable world while you were better equipped to rebuild.

Despite the apocalyptic premise and the vast scale of the journey involved, Seedship takes nearly no time at all to play. Some of the most interesting outcomes are those where you choose to settle on a hostile planet while you still have enough technology to cope with the conditions, though if you prefer to aim for the highest possible score then you'll likely spend much longer trying for that perfect planet.

- CleverFool, June 23, 2019

- Nicolas Pérot (France), June 10, 2019

- davidar, November 10, 2018

- Onirim (Argentina), August 23, 2018

- CMG (NYC), July 31, 2018

- BitterlyIndifferent, July 4, 2018

- Doug Orleans (Somerville, MA, USA), June 2, 2018

- deathbytroggles (Minneapolis, MN), May 11, 2018

- IFforL2 (Chiayi, Taiwan), May 7, 2018

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A bunch of fun!, April 18, 2018
by Ikkipass (United Kingdom)

A fun game, without being overly complicated it generated a fun and interesting turn of events!
Always a big fan of the whole choose your own adventure style of genre!

- Khalisar (Italy), March 13, 2018

- nosferatu, January 16, 2018

- Viko (Canada), January 10, 2018

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