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A casual purveyor of interactive fiction.

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Find-all-the-rooms games - 5 items   February 5, 2022
Usually short and contained, not particularly heavy on plot. But they definitely scratch a certain itch.

RPG-style interactive fiction - 5 items   December 2, 2021

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Inside the Facility, by Arthur DiBianca   December 16, 2021
"The only commands in this game are moving, looking at the room description, checking your inventory, and waiting. The fact that you can't..." - See the full review

Sugarlawn, by Mike Spivey   November 16, 2021
"I've played this game through about eight times now. The setup is something of a scavenger/treasure hunt through an old antebellum..." - See the full review

Junior Arithmancer, by Mike Spivey   November 5, 2021
"I have absolutely enjoyed the experience of playing this game. I'm one of those people who likes mathematical thinking, but who hasn't..." - See the full review

Being Andrew Plotkin, by J. Robinson Wheeler   October 28, 2021
"I appreciate what Being Andrew Plotkin was trying to do, but it fell a bit flat for me. Between the kind of unnecessary and awkward..." - See the full review

Vespers, by Jason Devlin   October 25, 2021
"I quite enjoyed playing Vespers, but it is not for everyone. It was written in a way that elicited a kind of visceral disgust..." - See the full review

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Coloratura, by Lynnea Glasser
An Evening at the Ransom Woodingdean Museum House, by Ryan Veeder
Skybreak!, by William Dooling
Eldrum - Untold, by Adam Gerthel, Christopher Entzenberg
Inside the Facility, by Arthur DiBianca

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The People's Glorious Revolutionary Text Adventure Game, by Taylor Vaughan
Lists and Lists, by Andrew Plotkin
Worldsmith, by Ade McT
Wishbringer, by Brian Moriarty