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Lover of SFF short fiction and IF.

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A Long Way to the Nearest Star, by SV Linwood   April 27, 2023
"Appears like a typical "outsmart the rogue AI" story in the beginning - and will continue to be that type of story if you let it - but if..." - See the full review

Harmonia, by Liza Daly   July 11, 2022
"Immersive presentation - unique in that aspect, as far as IF goes. Journals, excerpts, newspaper clippings, and handwritten notes are..." - See the full review

The Master of the Land, by Pseudavid   April 28, 2022
"Truly feels like being at a festival - the overheard gossip, the dancing with strangers, the drama and fights you might witness, and the..." - See the full review

Sacrilege, by Cara Ellison   September 14, 2021
"Easy to read poetry written like an actual drunk woman making stupid decisions. Must play all love interests and get all endings to be..." - See the full review

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