Attack of the Yeti Robot Zombies

by Řyvind Thorsby


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- House on a Tree Studios, December 16, 2020

- Durafen, September 12, 2020

- Edo, September 5, 2020

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Treat this game as it is: an experiment in removing the save/restore safety net., August 19, 2020
by MathBrush
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This game treats a really important aspect of interactive fiction: the save feature. Most games, despite any sense of urgency they may try to instill, become slow, measured-out puzzle games with the heavy use of save and restore.

It is almost impossible to overcome the habit of save and restore, probably because most games intend the reader to use it.

This game was designed as a full-throttle, jump-out-of-the-airplane experience. You should absolutely not undo, save or restore this game; in the Club Floyd transcript, one of the users hit undo out of habit, when it seemed that all was lost; but they then undid the undo, and promised to finish the game together, and it was worth it.

This is a short game, and a fun game. I would give it 5 stars in its genre, but 3 stars as a generic interactive fiction game. As it is, I'm leaving it with 4 stars.

- William Chet (Michigan), July 19, 2020

- Zape, August 16, 2019

- Sobol (Russia), October 27, 2016

- Peregrine Wade, October 8, 2016

- E. W. B., February 23, 2016

- Thrax, March 12, 2015

- Floating Info, December 11, 2013

- Cab, January 27, 2013

- Jeremy Freese (Evanston, IL), December 16, 2012

- Squidi, February 27, 2011

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Are we there yeti?, December 5, 2010
by Aintelligence (Canada)

This game was a rather strange game on many plains. It, was very relaxed and humorous attitude to it, as if it was just written by a bored guy on a hot summer day in errr, Norway. The jokes were slapped in from all directions (Spoiler - click to show) you dump coffee on the man, don't you know coffee is BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH??!! and very dry humor all through. Not quite my type of humor, but even I laughed at the somewhat dry jokes.

The obvious lack of revision did, however cause the story to be less than what it could have been. The story especially suffered because no examine/search had been implemented. Sure, you could complete the story, but the lack of 'examine' hurt the story's character.

The other main issue i had with the game was that the combat was too easy. It's tagged as a puzzle shooter, but there were no puzzles involved (like backup etc.) which affected the difficulty of the combat. It was just 'shoot yeti' and it died. The puzzle combat could possibly refer to the end boss, but even so, I was expecting a little more puzzle.

So if you're looking for a simple game, with a weak plot and characters, but rather funny, this is a good game for you. I would recommend to at least give it a try.

Note: this rating is not included in the game's average.

- Chris Longhurst (Oxford, UK), October 8, 2010

- Alder (San Francisco), August 15, 2010

- Anya Johanna DeNiro (Minnesota), July 16, 2010

- Stickz (Atlanta, Georgia), June 23, 2010

- o0pyromancer0o, May 3, 2010

- WaterMonkey314, April 4, 2010

- C.E.J. Pacian (England), November 11, 2009

- googoogjoob, May 18, 2009

- Emily Boegheim, April 27, 2009

- perching path (near Philadelphia, PA, US), August 13, 2008

- Juhana, June 29, 2008

- Moses Templeton, May 3, 2008

- lobespear, April 16, 2008

- Stephen Bond (Leuven, Belgium), January 2, 2008

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Snack a Zombie, January 2, 2008
by Victor Gijsbers (The Netherlands)
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I have seen people complain that yeti robot zombies cannot exist, because a robot cannot be a zombie. These people were surely joking, since nobody could have missed the over-the-top action movie and shooter game cliche's that pervade Attack of the Yeti Robot Zombies. This is a game that does not take itself seriously. The highly secret base of the evil boss turns out to be a huge skycraper in the middle of a big city, adorned with inverted neon crosses and a statue of a yeti robot zombie.

Attack of the Yeti Robot Zombies is a 'win on the first attempt' game: you are asked not to save/restore, but to try to finish the game on the first attempt. Since (a) the game is quite short, and (b) the game is not too difficult, this doesn't pose any real problems, and it adds an interesting sense of danger. But save and restore are not disabled, so if you are a real wimp, you can use them.

So what do you do, as player? Well, you walk along the linear path set out for you, getting rid of zombies and cultists as well as you can, and finally reach the end. You will probably be tempted to restart at that point and try to find better solutions, because the game is both funny and short.

This is not a 'good' game. There is no storyline to speak of; there is no depth; no character interaction; nothing that makes it stand out. Attack of the Yeti Robot Zombies is an enjoyable snack, and the 'win on the first attempt' clause is a great idea for a game like this. Play it for the quick fun it will give you.

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