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Interactive Fiction by Emily Boegheim

Robin & Orchid, by Ryan Veeder and Emily Boegheim (2013)
(64 ratings)
High school journalists spend the night in a church, investigating reports of a ghost.

It, by Emily Boegheim (2011)
(32 ratings)
"The rules of the game are easy. I'm It, so I go and hide. You and the others count to 50, then you have to look for me. If you find me, you have to get into the hiding spot with me. If you're the...

Home Open, by Emily Boegheim (2016)
(9 ratings)

That long-vacant house is up for sale and open for inspection today. Maybe it's just the fixer-upper you've been looking for.

Dead Pavane for a Princess, by Emily Boegheim (2013)
(13 ratings)

You are Maurice Ravel, the noted composer. You must find a way to escape from your study, for your poor friend now your zombified ex-friend Claude Debussy lurks outside!

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Polls by Emily Boegheim

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Reviews by Emily Boegheim

The Dog/House, by Byron Alexander Campbell   December 24, 2010
"The Dog/House is a very short, simple game, driven by dream logic. It opens with the player character in a doghouse, next to a sleeping..." - See the full review

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