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I hate feeling the need to resort to walkthroughs to further game progress, it always negatively affects the way I feel about the game. I don't sit down to do a crossword puzzle with the answers right in front of me, it defeats the purpose of doing the puzzle.

I don't feel that IF should lack directions in a room description. True, in real life we don't have compass directions to follow, but our eyesight is a bit more reliable, isn't it? When games are designed in this way, it seems more like an intent to irritate than anything else. The PC can see objects in a room and its contents and its content's contents if there are any, BUT he/she may have to walk into a wall or two before discovering the exit out of the room? Because the author doesn't feel like directions should be necessary for a player? Why not just make the player guess at what objects are in the room as well?

Poorly cued puzzles are aggravating, even worse when in a "puzzle-less" piece. This site is loaded with games that have difficult puzzles, but as far as I'm concerned the real challenge lies in making an enjoyable game NOT a difficult one.

I wonder, if there were no walkthroughs or hints available for the games on this sight, would some of the games still get the same praise?

I don't know how many games that I've gotten started on, played for a couple of hours but couldn't even figure out how to get through the first puzzle. After hours of trying and achieving nothing, I set those games to the side with little interest in picking them back up again. Locked out of the very first chapter of the story, know nothing about the story or the characters, and find it hard to care about them. I COULD peek at the walkthrough, but I find that when I'm driven to look at the walkthrough so early in a game it ruins my interest in the game all together anyway and I go ahead and use the walkthrough for the rest of the game and the experience is ruined.

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