Across The Stars: The Ralckor Incident

by Dark Star profile and Peter Mattsson

Science Fiction

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- Zape, April 28, 2020

Jimmy Maher
"[It] well and truly rocks"

At last I come to the first game of Competition 2007 that well and truly rocks. It's been a long time coming this year, but it was worth the wait. This one is a delight to play, and does just about everything right, beginning with an elaborate set of feelies worthy of Infocom themselves. In fact, this is very much an Infocom homage, particularly to their science fiction games. Never fear, though, it consistently chooses the right aspects to recreate, and isn't afraid to embrace modernity in other areas. While it may pay tribute to Planetfall, you won't find any hunger timers in this one, folks. Nor will you find it short of imagination of its own.

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Jörgs Wort[be]reich
Rezension zum IF-Comp 2007 (German)

Als frisch rekrutiertes Mitglied der Besatzung eines militärischen Raumfrachters wirst du mit einer Herausforderung nach der anderen konfrontiert. Weltraumpiraten, Wüstenmonster und fremde Religionen sind die Dinge, denen du dich im Verlauf des Spiels stellen mußt. ...

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- Denk, April 4, 2019

- Stas, April 24, 2018

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Two sci-fi games in one; an escape game and a mystical game, February 3, 2016

This game is actually quite long, but the provided walkthrough skips most of the material. This makes two different game experiences.

The walkthru steps you through a story of a young space cadet who is alone on a ship that is under attack by pirates. You have to solve a sequence of occasionally timed puzzles to avoid your capture.

The other part of the game involves a mystical religion discovered on an abandoned planet. The more you investigate, the deeper it goes. Bizarre space creatures and strange energies abound.

I've never completed this game with full points, but it really intrigues me. I'd love to finish it someday.

- readyready15728, May 11, 2015

- grainne6, November 1, 2013

- stadtgorilla (Munich, Germany), October 9, 2012

- amciek (Opole), December 30, 2011

- MonochromeMolly, November 8, 2011

- Inventorman101, September 28, 2011

- marlowespade, June 29, 2010

- WaterMonkey314, March 25, 2010

- robryk, December 31, 2009

- DJ (Olalla, Washington), September 24, 2009

- Fabien Vidal (Tours, France), June 25, 2009

- Vambuli, May 23, 2009

- Mastodon, March 26, 2009

- Newbot, March 8, 2009

- Shigosei, February 19, 2009

- hazzards (Portland, Oregon), August 28, 2008

- somegirl (Minneapolis, Minnesota), January 6, 2008

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A game that really rubbed me up the wrong way, November 23, 2007
by Kake (London, England)
Related reviews: Peter Mattsson, Dark Star, ***, IF Competition 2007

I gave this game three stars after I first played it, intending to come back to it after reading a few reviews and giving it a few more plays, to see if I thought it really deserved four or whether I should stick with three. Unfortunately, additional attempts at play made me so frustrated that I almost ended up dropping my rating down to two. Even though I knew exactly what I needed to do to complete the first part, I ran out of time and died four times trying to get the timing to work; doubly frustrating as I'd managed it straight away the first time around, when I'd spent a lot more time wandering around the ship then. Resorting to the walkthrough, I found that the problem was caused by my having a mistaken mental picture of certain items.

Throughout the game, I didn't think the puzzles were particularly well-signalled; what I mean by that is that while they weren't difficult in the sense of needing a great amount of intellect, they were difficult in the sense of the circumstances around them not being very clearly explained. I also felt that the huge info-dump of made-up creation myth in the second part of the game was very off-putting.

Basically, I'm still annoyed with this game, and I'd be unlikely to recommend it to anyone else, particularly someone new to IF. I did like the fact that there were multiple solutions to some of the puzzles though.

- Benjamin Sokal (Elysium pod planting enclosure on Mars), November 16, 2007

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